A palatable account of foodpanda’s Desi #FoodRun through Karachi

A palatable account of foodpanda’s Desi #FoodRun through Karachi

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Karachi Karachi Hai Yaar !! Well, we all must have heard this famous phrase and most of us have even experienced to agree with it. To reinforce this very thing, embarked upon a live food-filled, palate-satisfying Desi #FoodRun with TSG’s SWOT-on-Wheels. 25 people, 7 places, one ride, one mission – EAT.


Kicking off our journey from DHA, we entered the famous Burns Road food street. Known for its history dating back to the pre-partition times, with desi aroma all over the place, it was simply impossible to resist our hunger and craving and so we jumped off our ride and stormed to our first eatery for the day, Waheed Kabab House. If there’s heaven on Earth and if in Karachi, it was this place for sure.

From the masaaley-dar chicken tikka to the chatkhaarydar fry kabab and on top of it, Nehari! God bless this place for being so heavenly. As soon as the aromatic golden gravy with a huge juicy, tender piece of beef topped with perfectly sliced ginger and green chillies was served, no one could resist but only dip their karak naans and even fingers into the spicy pool. Served next were Waheed’s signature runny, butter-fried kababs. Their velvety texture melted in the mouth so smoothly that no one could hold back.


Going on a #FoodRun and not hitting the second best historic food street, not possible. Hence our next stop was Guru Mandar Food Street. With many options to think from, we stopped at Hanifia for some juicy burgers. Hunter Beef Burgers with their top-secret, out-of-the-world, out-of-the-solar-system, out-of-the-galaxy sauce! *droooools again* Sorry I just couldn’t help it! :p


Not yet recovered from this food coma, we were served light and refreshing sugarcane juice shots from Ice Cool, which charge us all up for the next round of food!


Once again, filling ourselves up with some beefy delights we went for the famous, famous, famous, famous, yes, you guessed it right, The Famous Meerut Kabab House and as the name speaks for itself, Meerut Famous Kabab Paratha. Well, it’s no joke, their parathas are huge in size and fill them with the special kababs. Well, welcome to another heaven in the city. Served with the most amazing blend of spice and sour, their Chatni was worth dying for. I mean I actually ran out of fingers to lick and almost borrowed my friend’s haha. One word, awesome!


Stepping out to be seated in our ride again, we spotted another Desi spot. Lasssssssssssssssiiii!!! Now that’s something we all been waiting for. 500 ml of pure dairy delight with ice and malaai on top!! Yes dear, I know the feeling.. and I can surely say it filled me up more than I needed to be (I competed for it and had two glasses and I won too and I was more than full but shhh – we still have to visit more places). Witness my gastronomic skills here for yourself. 😉


Taking a break we all hopped back into our rides and took a short nap before reaching our next destination, Zameer Ansari. If you haven’t heard the name, pick up your notepad and write it in bold letters – Z-A-M-E-E-R  A-N-S-A-R-I! This has to be on your list and that is it! What they serve is something nobody else can serve. How they serve is something nobody else can serve. The Dhaaga Kababs and the Shahi Chatakh, simply amazing. You got to taste it to believe it.


“I am more than full and don’t you dare feed me anything or else I will kill you!”, This was my stomach yelling out to me until I saw Quetta Alamgir Hotel. Ohh Alamgir hotel’s Khan sahib, why do you make such delicious lacchey-dar parathey. Why why why? It would have been so unfair if I didn’t have at least two of them. Topping it up with the perfect cup of Chai.



The day’s tiredness was equal to none. I could now eat an iceberg. In fact, how about I could just grab a piece of it topping it with some magical flavours. Not a bad idea is it? Spot on! Dhoraji was our next stop. Well sadly, the last but trust me the day couldn’t have ended in any way better without Salim Qadir’s Gola Ganda. Who cares if it’s windy, who cares if it’s cold, who cares if my stomach is about to blow into pieces. I’m gonna surrender my taste buds to this snowy-treat.


Saying that was IT for the day would be offensive because THAT was SURELY not just IT. It was way more! Anyways, signing off for the day as we all jumped back in our rides. Wasn’t easy getting used to few extra pounds but definitely worth it. Here’s to a great Sunday and yes we all look like PANDAs now. Cute PANDAs.

Cute Pandas

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Naushad Mitha |
Guest Contributor

Spending over two and a half decades in the city of lights, I’ve learnt almost everything.  Been there, done that situation applies everywhere now. And of course, I’m a food lover! Why else would I be writing this kind of stuff?

Article Written By Anum Fatima

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