Top of the Town – The best biryani in Karachi

Top of the Town – The best biryani in Karachi

If you could have one word in the world that could make you happy just by listening to the sound of it – for Karachiites, it would be “biryani”. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home from work or school and finding that there’s biryani at the table or waking up in the middle of the night, walking to the fridge and finding out that someone has left their biryani. That feeling is what happiness is all about.

Here are three places that we really like to have biryani from:

Biryani Center

Biryani Center | foodpanda Magazine

There was once a time when “Student Biryani” reigned supreme. To be honest, it still does. But then came Biryani Center and soon enough, there was a Biryani Center branch at every corner of the city. We are not complaining. More biryani for all of us! Now you can argue about which one is better all you want, or you can order from both places and enjoy the best of both the worlds! We opted for the latter.

The biryani at Biryani Center is cooked well and is served with a big piece of chicken and a boiled potato. The presence or absence of boiled potato is enough to make or break the biryani. It’s serious business. The taste of the biryani from Biryani Center relies a lot more on spice than flavor. It is served hot and combined with a dollop of raita, it makes for heavenly lunch!

Special Observations:
Some other variations that you can try at Biryani Center include Tikka Biryani and Batair Biryani.

Hot N Pepper

Hot N Pepper | foodpanda Magazine

We discovered the biryani at Hot N Pepper accidentally. While ordering we weren’t meeting the minimum delivery amount so we decided to order the biryani too. Little did we know that was going to be delivered would blow us away! First, we were expecting it to be a single serving of biryani delivered in a regular plastic box. Nope. This was biryani cooked and delivered in an entire handi. Yes, biryani in a handi!

The number of chicken botis were enough to land in every scoop and the chicken was boneless so you could just pick a rhythm and keep on eating. This was both high on spice and flavour, so it was amazing.

Special Observations:
The only missing piece – potatoes. But we are sure this could be fixed if you specify while ordering.

White Biryani

White Biryani | foodpanda Magazine

There has been a lot of talk about how White Biryani is pulao and not actually biryani because biryani is not white. We get it. However, having tried white biryani we can safely say that it is NOT pulao and well, it is kind of different from the regular biryani.

So well, if you consider yourself a biryani connoisseur of sorts, you have to try it! While the biryanis from Hot N Pepper and Biryani Center are a little heavy on the spice, this one relies more on flavour. You bite into it a bit apprehensively, but the taste of this biryani gradually grows on you.

Special Observations:
Order this with some rabri kheer for a neat finish!

What is the BEST place you have had Biryani from? Tell us!

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  1. Bilal

    If Biryani Center is the best biryani in the town then i doubt the authenticity of this entire website and advise to never trust the recommendations, Easily the worst biryani in town is ranked no.1 .

  2. Tahir Shah

    Yes but why do they add food colouring to ruin the biryani, true biryani is only made with Zafran, Spiecs and Chillies. These give a natural colour and flavour so tell us who makes the Real Biryani in Karachi

  3. Fazal khan

    Hmmm so many food chains for biryani only that too just less than 1% of all biryani shops there… See how much money do we Pakistanishave just for our taste buds….
    We spend 100s of billions of dollars on our consumerism. And those Indians believe Pakistan is a poor place… Pakistan is a fairly rich place
    At least far richer than india on average… They just cook their stats

    1. Dr. Aadil Farooque

      Well said Fazal… But our government is poor Cuz we don’t pay our taxes properly so that affects the health care and education of poor…
      If we start paying taxes and make our government accountable for each and every penny they spend we’ll be fine in fact we ‘all be very good as a nation

      1. M. Rizvi

        No Biryani complete without politics? ;-p

        What you say is correct, but I recall well, reading in the Finance Section in The Dawn, a few years ago, a comment by the Head of The Chamber of Commerce of Pakistan no less. He confessed that industrialists and business people preferred weak governments because they cannot interfere with profiteering. It becomes obvious that such people can then afford security guards, foreign citizenships and education for their own children, abroad. And that is why they want to keep the status quo.

        I also know a big Landlord who sells his area votes to whichever political party can afford it, is paid Crores, and buys Rolls Royces with that money.

        Who precisely, then, needs to be educated to pay taxes? Should we not be discussing economic systems actually, speaking out boldly about Socialism, Marxism and Communism rather than only Capitalism and Democracy as though they were the only ‘natural’ choices?

  4. Subhash

    I agree with the comment on the authenticity of the article as Biryani center is a disaster. However, in my opinion, two places are good: Pioneer Foods (Boat Basin, Clifton) and Karachi Foods (Block-6, Shahrae Faisal). Jeddah Biryani is ok. Other recommended outlets are little known or not tasted by me.

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