Guide To Karachi – Ramadan Grub In DHA Phase 6

Guide To Karachi – Ramadan Grub In DHA Phase 6

One of the best places in Karachi bustled with top eateries is none other than DHA Phase 6 itself. It has been long known for some of the top eateries and seems to be growing its restaurant portfolio every year. The lesser you cook while fasting in Ramadan, the merrier you are and I truly stick to this maxim.

Today, I’m going to talk about eateries to order online from in DHA Phase 6; one of which is fairly new while others are old favorites. Read along to explore what I experienced and plan something for your Iftaar and Sehr too.

I went by picking three eateries for my Sehr and Iftaar grub. Let’s review them one by one.

SEHR: Ordered at 1AM


While browsing down available options you will find Whole Slice among the first tens. Sounds far from being healthy because of cheese that would instantly add up a few extra pounds? That’s not the case. It has more to do with the crust of your pizza than the cheese. These true wheat lovers make sure you don’t succumb to guilt and eat healthy all the while enjoying a delicious pizza!

Whole Slice in DHA Phase 6 | foodpanda Magazine

Normally, pizza crust is prepared with wheat flour which goes through intense processing. I was astonished to find out that this eatery prepares pizza crusts with whole wheat; meaning, the important part of the wheat germ is not discarded and you get lots of fibers, manganese and magnesium.

Whole Slice in DHA Phase 6 | foodpanda Magazine

Plus, when you order pizza, make sure to add one helping of the fresh salads available on their menu too. These salads are exclusively prepared by Evergreen and can be taken on their own too. Asian SirloinChicken Caesar and Grilled Steak are good choices.

Order Whole Slice online

IFTAAR: Ordered at 5PM


Juices are a wonderful alternative to eating. On foodpanda you will find Greeno Juice Bars that has a range of wonderful drinks to offer. I would personally recommend to order drinks which do wonders to your body when consumed regularly.

My first pick is Endless Summer, a yogurt smoothie. This drink is prepared with extracts from coconut, pineapple, bananas, oranges, a bit of honey and some yogurt. Fulfilling and refreshing. ON a hot day, chilled yogurt is known to prevent dehydration symptoms hence a regular sized drink would do the work.

Greeno Juice Bars DHA Phase 6 | foodpanda Magazine

Next up, I have an all fruit smoothie pick for you called All Time High. Imagine a handful of strawberries, some chunks of guava, pineapple and banana, a dash of honey and sufficient quantity of orange juice. That’s what makes a perfect fruit smoothie. I’d recommend you take this during Sehr to retain energy all day long.

Greeno Juice Bars DHA Phase 6 | foodpanda Magazine

Let’s move to the final pick in the drinks selection. High Metabolism, a drink that boosts sluggish metabolism after hours of fasting. The drink is highly refreshing and is prepared with beetroot, apple, orange, cucumber, some mint and ginger. Makes tasty for a healthy drink!

Order Greeno Juice Bars online


I’m a true Pakistani at heart when it comes to food. No matter how profoundly I condition my brain to stick to healthy options, I always end up with chicken chutney rolls in Karachi from Red Apple.

My three top recommendations for rolls would definitely be Chatni Roll, Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll and Chicken Reshmi Kebab Chatni Roll. Usual picks but all the more tasty and juicy and difficult to satiate in one serving. You’d have to have buy two of them to truly satisfy your hungry soul. Not because they don’t fulfill but because they are too delicious to eat just one.

I prefer to keep it to a few items when it comes to fried munchies. Other than Chatni rolls you can opt for Chicken Tikka, minus paratha. Paratha tends to get heavy and ends up making you lethargic. Besides, you can’t quickly burn down the calories till your next meal.

Order Red Apple online

In my next piece, I will talk about an interesting food pair that can also be served for Iftaar. Stick around!

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