Guide to Islamabad – Naan and Spaghetti lived happily after

Guide to Islamabad – Naan and Spaghetti lived happily after

My quest for good food in capital is still on. People say that Islamabad is a small city with a very few eating options but here I am exploring the city since years and still every day I find something new to taste. Last night I thought to try a unique combination of Naan and Spaghetti, which looked a forced arranged marriage. Let me share my experience with the food I ordered through foodpanda.


Restaurant Name: Serai

Item: Spaghetti Portofino

Price: Rs.645
Taste: Spaghetti Portofino had a delicious taste, an absolute treat for spaghetti lovers. It’s served with sundried tomatoes, spinach and grilled chicken. My favorite part of the dish was the spaghetti tossed with creamy mushroom sauce. With balanced spice and nicely mixed ingredients, the taste of Spaghetti Portofino is sophisticated.

Flavor: Creamy mushroom sauce is the highlight of Spaghetti Portofino in terms of flavor. If you’re a white sauce fan, this is something for you.

Quantity: Enough quantity for one person.

Value for money: Rs.645 isn’t bad for such a taste and quantity but when you add Rs.103 tax and Rs.100 delivery, Spaghetti Portofino looks quite expensive.

Overall: 7.5/10


Restaurant: Naan Dukaan

Item: Aalo Cheese Naan
Price: Rs.160


Taste: Aalo Cheese Naan tastes fine or maybe a bit better than average. It’s not something one would have as the only thing in meal. Can be fine if eaten along with other items.

Flavor: At some point, I felt like I’ve ordered something else. Aalo Cheese Nan is quite opposite to its name as the quantity of potato and cheese is relatively less. So ask for extra cheese if you’re ordering for cheese.

Quantity: The item is fine quantity wise and can fulfill anyone.

Value for money: Good value for money I say. Though Naan is not very nicely filled but come on, it’s still good in Rs.160.


Item: Pizza Naan

Price: Rs.270

Taste: This is something I liked. As the name says, Pizza Naan is topped with mozzarella cheese and olives. Though not very nicely topped, Pizza Naan is a good try.

Flavor: The olive and cheese dominated flavor is something different when it comes to Naan. If you’re tired of plain naans, do try this. Dip it in the sauce they give with it, you’ll surely like it.

Quantity: One naan, enough for one person. Not very big sized but thick naans they’ve got.

Value for money: Average in terms of value for money. 200 was enough for something like that.


Both of the items, Naans and Spaghetti. Were different with high contrast but made a nice and diversified combination on the table. I’m sure I’ve enlightened you with some new and undiscovered food. Will keep writing, just keep reading.




Written by: Jibran Siddiqui

The writer is an advertising professional from Islamabad with a great lust for flavorsome food. He tweets as @jibransiddiqui


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