Guide to Karachi – Zamzama Boulevard

Guide to Karachi – Zamzama Boulevard

No matter where in the world you live, you ought to visit the most ‘popular’ places. Zamzama Boulevard is that extraordinary urban must-visit spot being an epitome of diverse offerings, ranging from food, leisure, entertainment and shopping. Zamzama Boulevard serves the purpose of a ‘good time’, not just for the locals but for tourists as well. Whichever end of the boulevard you begin with, by the end you’ll be excited with the diversity of surprises.
Here’s how you can make the most of your day at Zamzama Boulevard.

11 am | Chai Wala

Chai Wala | foodpanda Magazine

The dawn unveils sunny but the brighter side of Karachi City. The city’s luminosity can only be well understood if you begin your well-lit day with a truly traditional breakfast from Chai Wala. Choose from an extensive range of freshly fried crispy Parathas (Fried Flour Tortillas) either with a generous Nutella spread of simply some divine chicken mince and cheese filling. Let every bite be accompanied by a sip of local caffeine, the Karak Chai (Strong Tea) to help you step out of your sleepy mode, for an energetic day!

12 pm | Zamzama Park

Zamzama Park | foodpanda Magazine

Karachi is undoubtedly the city, with its sunny side up. With a brightly shining sun and the birds chirping along with the cars honking, begin your day with a brisk walk at Zamzama Park. Ideal for families, solo walks and morning air doses; acquaint yourself with the locals and how the atmosphere would unveil as the day passes by.

1 pm | The Deli


With ample stretching, wandering around in the park and hunger pangs kicking in, Zamzama Boulevard should mark the beginning of your day’s spree with a hearty lunch to keep you going all day. Head to ‘The Deli’ for an exquisite gourmet cuisine sighting, that eventually turns into an indulgence for you to cherish for the days to come. From its popular Mezze platter with its Mediterranean treats, all the way to its Char Grilled Steak with Chilli Herb Butter & Parmigiano Reggiano; you’re to be bowled over with your tummy’s satisfaction!

3 pm | For the Love of Shopping

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The real deal of Zamzama Boulevard lies in the essence of shopping! The main street has an array of casual to formal clothing lines of designer traditional outfits like Deepak Perwani, Maria B, Saba Qazi, Mina Hasan; local souvenir and gift shops like the Gift City, shoes, art galleries, home stores like Khaadi and lifestyle fabrics from Bareeze, Images and Thredz & Motifs are like to keep the women hooked.

6 pm | Espresso


Your shopping spree must have gotten you exhausted enough to make you crave a chilled evening refresher and if you’ve already went nuts with the fatigue, all you need is a comforting Hazelnut Frappe from Espresso. Something so soothing and quick to grab, is more likely to boost your spirits to keep your Zamzama Boulevard Spree going.

8 pm | The MAD School


Had enough of satisfying yourself for plenty of hours? Go no further but to the MAD School. It’s an absolute madness ride of phenomenal live performances that have a variety of romance, comedy and thriller. Live theater is an art, well circulated in the history of MAD School performances. Sink back in a seat, and let some musical plays and comic shows release that extra gush of blood, throughout your body.

10pm | Fuchsia


With so much activity in a single day, you need a comforting dinner to help you sleep like a baby. Staying in a lively city of South Asia, some traditional cuisine is the remedy of a good night’s sleep. Dine out at Fuchsia, delectable Thai Cuisine. A subtle blend of Thai Red Curry, some Dim Sum’s to ignite the appetite and a soothing dose of Lemon grass Tea marks a consoling end to your day.

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