Panda Peeks – COFFEE TEA AND COMPANY, The Original Bakery In Lahore

Panda Peeks – COFFEE TEA AND COMPANY,  The Original Bakery In Lahore

Say coffee in front of a Lahori and the next thing in their mind would be Coffee Tea and Company which revolutionized the café trend in Lahore. The bakery style café opened back in 2003 and was one of the most crowded places of Lahore.

The amount of nostalgia this review brought me was overwhelming but even more overwhelming was the idea of eating all Coffee Tea and Company has to offer at the comfort of my home in my custom ambiance all because of my favorite online food ordering service, foodpanda.

Coffee Tea and Company recently went live on foodpanda and upon discovering this, I couldn’t resist myself from trying it out once again.

Allow me to take you through my experience of ordering all the favorite bits from Coffee Tea and Company, via foodpanda. The menu is very detailed and carries a large range of products that I couldn’t have tasted alone. So, I only picked a few.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the starter of the day.


Batter Fries

From appetizers I ordered Batter Fries for the pleasant start to my feast.

 Coffee Tea & Company | foodpanda Magazine

The fries were neat as there was no oil dripping from the potatoes with a thick ultra-crispy layer of batter which had a garlic and salty flavor.

You can order Batter fries along with three different sauces i.e. Garlic Mayo, Thousand Island and BBQ sauce.  Now this looks more like fries with three wishes come true. Each bite reminded me how much I have loved fries throughout my life that too with perfect sauces accompanied.


Hunter Beef Sandwich

Now comes the Hunter Beef Sandwich which was carefully crafted the way a classic sandwich should be.

 Coffee Tea & Company | foodpanda Magazine

Cold tender hunter beef strips, freshly pickled red onion slices, lettuce, mayo and mustard made this beefy bundle. Took a bite out of it and I could feel all the flavor of every ingredient uniquely in my mouth which is the sign of a fresh sandwich.

The creamy mayo to the tangy mustard, the crunch in the lettuce to the sour pickled red onions and the flavorful hunter beef. Hunter Beef sandwich doesn’t get any better than this.


Pasta Primavera

For my pasta craving I had my eyes set on Pasta Primavera.

 Coffee Tea & Company | foodpanda Magazine

When I saw it I couldn’t stop myself which is one of the reasons my people refer to me as an animal when it comes to eating.

This beautiful pasta came with a buttery slice of garlic bread which I dipped into its creamy sauce. The creamy tomato base with Italian seasoned chicken bites and sliced sausages.  The aroma of the herbs and the raw tomato and capsicum made Primavera the prime pasta.


Spicy Garlic Chicken

Now how can you not order oriental food when you have an option in Coffee Tea and Company’s foodpanda menu?

 Coffee Tea & Company | foodpanda Magazine

I ordered Spicy Garlic Chicken and to my surprise it came with a complimentary Chinese spring role. Small surprises and gestures like this can elevate your food experience.

Now the vegetable fried rice were cooked the way they should and the chicken strips in spicy and tangy garlic gravy made me feel like I am sitting on the great wall of China, conversing with Chinese people.


Chili Cheese Char Dog

The final entry before the dessert was Chili Cheese Char Dog which is a juggernaut of a meal with fries, coleslaw and thousand island dip as sides.

 Coffee Tea & Company | foodpanda Magazine

The appropriate description of this would be a giant hot dog with two sausages, topped with spicy minced chicken, oozing with melted cheese and topped with sliced pickled Jalapenos.

Imagine tasting all of that in one bite. I almost had tears of joy in my eyes when I tasted this work of art.


Lava Cake

Usually when I order molten lava, it gets served as a small cake and a single scoop of ice cream which is very rude in my opinion but Coffee Tea and Company has outdone everyone.

 Coffee Tea & Company | foodpanda Magazine

I received not one but two huge scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and a big lava cake which upon a single touch erupts with molten chocolate.

No matter how old you are this makes you feel like a little kid and sometimes it is the best feeling ever.


Strawberry Ice Tea

So my throat is all dry with the Lava Cake and I require a beverage to now fix that.

 Coffee Tea & Company | foodpanda Magazine

If anyone knows Coffee Tea and Company’s menu from the old days then they surely know that Strawberry Ice Tea is one of their bestselling summer drinks.

It is the best brewed strawberry flavored tea I have ever had anywhere and as soon as I take a sip it calms my nerves and gives me the tropical feel of resting on a beach on a windy day.


Since I cook my food myself, I am very critical about what I eat from outside. From the taste to the long lasting freshness of this meal to ingredients used in assembling, I can tell that the quality was top notch. Even though I was a bit late in devouring my share but the taste and the aroma was nonetheless of freshly served food.

The best thing about this whole experience is that Coffee, Tea and Company is live on foodpanda which means you can order from Coffee Tea and Company any time, any day.

You can set up your own ambiance and have the fancy meal in dim lights with a little jazz playing in the background (that is how I prefer my fancy meals) or according to your own set up. Even if you order all items of every category every day, it will take you easily more than month to go over the entire menu.

Coffee, Tea and Company

Opening hours on foodpanda: Mo-Su, 12:00 – 21:00
Click here to order online

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