Panda Peeks – Daily Dubai

Panda Peeks – Daily Dubai

If you have been to Daily Dubai in Karachi, you would know that it houses magical chefs. We say magical, because it has an amazing variety of diverse cuisines on the menu and they still serve deliciously-made food. You’d be hard pressed to find something that Daily Dubai doesn’t do well. We tried doodhpatti and even that was great.

First Impressions

The first impression you get from walking into Daily Dubai doesn’t do justice to the overall food and service they have. It is usually very crowded and the ambiance is nothing to write home about. The tables are lined with white cloth and it doesn’t really have any distinct interior decor. However, when the smell of freshly cooked food reaches your nostrils, everything else falls into oblivion.

Our Order

For our order, we went for the hummus as starter, chullo kebab as the main course and chicken makhni as our second entree and suji ka halwa for dessert.
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Our order took some time to arrive, however we won’t really blame it on the service. The place was jam-packed. Our order was taken correctly and recommendations made. Chullo kebab came as a recommendation and we are glad it did.


We had already ordered food from Daily Dubai, so we knew it was a good choice for a meal. The hummus was served with pieces of fresh garlic bread and it tasted perfect. The consistency of the hummus was even and it’s actually one of the best places to have hummus in Karachi.

The chullo kebab was served with buttered rice and a small cube of extra butter on top. The meat was done exceptionally well and the grilled tomatoes made the flavour of the dish really pop. If you are a fan of chullo kebab, you should really mark Daily Dubai as the next place to go for a meal.

Daily Dubai Restaurant | foodpanda MagazineChullo Kebab | Source

The chicken makhni handi was filling and took first place, which is saying something since everything tasted delicious. Cooked with butter and cream, this one was a treat for all food-lovers. We had it with a mix of normal and garlic naans and it was a challenge to stop eating.

Suji Ka Halwa at Daily Dubai was a lot like at Bundu Khan. We had really overeaten by the time we reached the dessert, so we couldn’t really enjoy the halwa as much.

Something Special

The doodhpatti, as we have mentioned before is a nice touch. Normally, if you are someone who is addicted to tea (like most of the country), you have to go get your tea fix from a place different from the restaurant where you have eaten. Not when you go to Daily Dubai though. Our doodhpatti was served in a huge mug and freshly brewed, making us really happy.
Daily Dubai Food | foodpanda MagazineDoodhpatti | Source

The Presentation

The presentation of the dishes can be better. Amongst all the dishes that we ordered, the chullo kebab was the best presented.

Value for Money

The hummus costed us Rs.250 and was worth it! The chullo kebab was for Rs.450 and considering it was shared by two people, it was easy on the pockets too. The chicken makhni handi was for Rs.490 and the price is at par with other places that serve Pakistani food. The suji ka halwa, meanwhile, was for Rs.100. All in all, a great place to go to if you are paying.

Overall Verdict

Make Daily Dubai your best friend because it has awesome food.

Have you ever been to Daily Dubai?

Daily Dubai Karachi

Address: Daily Dubai Karachi, Badar Commercial Area, Karachi, Pakistan
Opening hours:
Mo – Su, 12.00 noon – 00.30am
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