Panda Peeks – Espresso Karachi

Panda Peeks – Espresso Karachi

Espresso Karachi has become quite the staple for every Karachiite. Want to have a formal conversation about work? We choose Espresso. Want to celebrate a birthday of a dear friend? Espresso. How about breakfast at 8am? It’s easy to pick Espresso. With its many, many branches in the city, accessibility is not a problem. In fact, every outlet has its own speciality and has done wonders in strengthening its fan-base in Karachi.

First Impressions

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Walking into Espresso is like entering the house of a dear, dear friend. You know where everything is kept, you know the servers, you know your usual seat and sometimes even your order before you walk in. It’s comfortable chairs go a long way in taking care of your ease and add to the familiar vibe of the restaurant. Oh and the smell of fresh coffee….

Our Order

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Even if you are not hungry when you walk into Espresso, which happens when you are there to work and use their Wi-Fi, you still can’t help browsing their menu for what to order. This time around, we ordered the starter platter for well, starters, their mexican pizza for our first main course and the mushroom beef burger for our second entree and last but not the least, apple crumble with two scoops of vanilla ice cream for dessert.


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Anyone who has ever been to Espresso will tell you that their service is impeccable. Even while entertaining a sizeable crowd, their servers never fail to be attentive to your order and almost always cater to any changes or specifications you want followed in the preparation of your meal. Oh and not to forget, the complimentary Fox candy they serve you with the bill, is a nice sweet gesture.

The Food

If you thought ordering a starter platter would just be a starter, you would stand mistaken. Featuring ample quantities of chicken wings, chicken strips, baked potatoes, and mozzarella sticks, it is no less than a complete meal itself. The variety of sauces it is served with are also no less than piece of art. They have honey mustard, salsa, and a cheesey sauce which makes everything tastes heavenly.
Coming to the pizza, it is one of the best things on their menu. The crust is thin and crispy, just as we like it while the toppings are loaded with cheese, jalapenos and chicken. You can always have the toppings changed to your liking and that makes the pizza-eating experience even more perfect.

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The Mushroom Beef Burger that we ordered was succulently done and is highly recommended. The beef patty was juicy and the cheese oozing over it complemented it well while the chunks of mushrooms in between made the meal too good for words.
Their Apple Crumble is a heavenly dessert. The apple crumble is served hot with cold scoops of ice cream and they make for a delicious contrast in your mouth. While the crumble is a little crispy, the ice cream adds quite the much needed softness, making it one of our favourite desserts to have at Espresso.

Something Special

Espresso Pizza | foodpanda Magazine
Who can forget the free cookie, they serve on the house if you check-in at Espresso on your Facebook profile. A great meal and complimentary candies and cookies… what more can one ask for?

The Presentation

The presentation of food is well done and leaves nothing out. Out of all the dishes, we thought the starter platter was presented the best. In the desserts, we think Apple Crumble and Ice cream could do with a better presentation to make it even more appetizing.

Value for Money

Espresso Mushroom Beef Burger | foodpanda Magazine
Espresso offers great value for money, not just because of the quality of food but because you can really have a good time working or chatting with your friends there. The starter platter that we ordered was for Rs.995, the mexican pizza (regular) was for Rs.715, the apple crumble was for Rs.495 and the mushroom beef burger was for Rs.645.

Overall Verdict

Never give up on Espresso because it never gives up on getting better.

What’s your favourite thing about Espresso? Tell us!


Address: Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Karachi, Pakistan
Opening hours: Mo – Su, 08.00am – 01-00am
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