Panda Peeks – La Chine by Kababjees

Panda Peeks – La Chine by Kababjees

Having set new standards of taste in Desi cuisine, Kababjees has recently launched a new Chinese restaurant named La Chine. Being a true fan of Kababjees, I decided to peek into the new place with my ‘Critic Mode’ ON to see if La Chine by Kababjees is as good as Kababjees.

First Impression

La Chine 2

Within seconds of your presence in La Chine, you start to sense the enticing aromas of peculiar Chinese food all over the place. The thematic décor of the restaurant keeps you under an influence and you can’t help yourself from indulging in the magical red empire you’re inside of.

The table décor, a classy display of cutlery and traditional crockery, all of it completely associated with the overall theme. Adding to the classiness, was their menu display. A piece of contemporary art I must say, with a decent assortment of dishes.

Our Order

Trusting the expertise of Kababjees, we straight away decided to go for their speciality in starters, the La Chine Special Soup. Further, not being a fan of chicken, I clearly wanted to go for prawns. So, on our server’s recommendation, we ordered Prawn Tempura in starters and Crispy Fish in Sticky Red Sauce and Mandarin Chicken (for my friend as chicken always disappoints me!) and Chicken Fried Rice in the main course.


La Chine definitely sets a new benchmark when it comes to service. Their staff was highly attentive, friendly and the food was served really quickly.

The Food

La Chine 8

Within 10 minutes of ordering, a tempting hot bowl of soup was sitting on our table while we munched on the complimentary bowl of crackers. With tons of black mushrooms, tofus, chicken, egg & veggies, the La Chine Special Soup was perfect (mark my words, it did look special) and the serving was more than enough for two.

La Chine 4

Soon after that, our Prawn Tempura was served. 4 overly-sized medium prawns with the amazing Tempura sauce was the best thing happening to me since the winter season has arrived. Very well-cooked with the perfect crunch and almost unnoticeable oil, those golden treats taste heavenly. One could literally feel the freshness with every bite!

La Chine 5

The Crispy Fish in Sticky Red Sauce tasted as good as it looked. Crispy outside and soft fish inside, with a sweet yet spicy red sauce.

La Chine 6

Overwhelmed by its appealing presentation, I also tried the Mandarin Chicken and man!! If only I had tried it a bit earlier, I would have fallen in love with Chicken! Its sauce was something to die for and I think that’s what made the chicken taste so good.

La Chine 7

Sadly they were not offering any dessert options at the moment except ice cream, so we ordered beverages, Kisses & Blue Colada, to give our meal a cool wrap. Well, to be very honest, it wasn’t as cool as we had expected – an average looking glass with just a cherry trying too hard to make it look appealing. But since we had ordered it, we had to try it too and truly the taste wasn’t bad at all. Refreshing enough with a good flavour, it seemed to do the part well.

Value for Money

The bill was another surprise for the day. Compared to the other restaurants offering Chinese cuisine, La Chine by Kababjees was way too economical – authentic Chinese appetisers starting from Rs. 299 and main courses were Rs. 399 onwards. Further, with their more than enough serving size, it is a definite value for money!

And guess what? They are also offering a 10% Opening Discount at the moment (wink!).

Overall Verdict

With a warm, inviting ambience and adding to it, impeccable service, one would definitely want to revisit to have the experience all over again. In a nutshell, La Chine for sure confirms to the legendary standards set by Kababjees and does not fail at any point when it comes to service, quality and taste.

Have you tried La Chine yet? Do share your reviews in the comments below.

La Chine by Kababjees

Address: Allama Iqbal Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 12.30pm –  3.00pm and 6.00pm – 12.30am
Click here to order online


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