Panda Peeks – Lals Patisserie

Panda Peeks – Lals Patisserie

So today I am going to highlight a place, mostly known for its patisserie but not many know about their delicious menu and how glad I was to try this place and couldn’t be any happier on a successful trial. I am talking about the well-known Lals Patisserie here.

First glance

Lals Patisserie

To be honest, this place gives a very warm feel with bright sun-beaming windows, floral arrangements on the railing and oh-so-cute Victorian style frames. On entering, I could see huge boxes of beautifully wrapped patisserie, was received by jovial staff and got seated in a comforting view, what else one tired person from work could ask for!

My Order

I was dying!! literally dying of hunger and yet wanted food which could be a mood changer. So, I started off with a Cream of mushroom soup. For the main course, I had, Parmesan Chicken, Spicy Mediterranean Chicken and Rice Bowl. To go with the food, ordered Viennese Hot Chocolate and Raspberry Lime in drinks. Food without dessert is incomplete, right? So, I had a Dark Chocolate Crepe with Belgian Chocolate gelato scoop.


The staff was very helpful in recommending the right food, and the food was on our tables before we passed out.

Let’s Talk about Food

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Lals Patisserie

The soup was perfectly blended, creamy and warm to the right temperature. It was served with freshly baked garlic bread, full of garlic and butter flavour and so spongy. I am a huge mushroom fan, so maybe wanted huge chunks of mushroom instead of fine ones, but that’s just me. The consistency, unlike other food joints, was thick not at all watery. A must try for all!

Parmesan Chicken

Lals Patisserie

I will be really honest here, never have I ever had such a crispy yet no so over baked Parmesan Chicken. I had given all my hopes to Parmesan because, in the end, all tastes the same, but Lal’s proved all my fears wrong. Perfectly crusted chicken in parmesan served with fresh rocket salad and topped with balsamic vinaigrette. The chicken was flavorful, moist and not at all dry which made it my favourite.

Spicy Mediterranean Chicken and Rice Bowl

Lals Patisserie

For those who want to diet and yet want to devour yummy food, Mediterranean food is your palate. I was in love the way it was presented, and after the first bite only I was crying in joy. Spicy rice topped with marinated chicken breast, Greek salad, roasted tomatoes and yummy hummus. Meal complete, appetite satisfied!


Lals Patisserie

The drinks with the food were: Viennese Hot Chocolate and Raspberry Lime. The Lime hit my taste buds, that tinge and that just right amount of flavour and never ending ice; was such a refresher.

Viennese Hot Chocolate, it’s a must on my every visit. How could I ditch my love this time? It was as usual, divine with fresh cream and the right amount of cocoa served with Lal’s yummy cookie.

Something Special

Lals Patisserie

Usually, after food I am so stuffed still had to make space for some dessert. This time I wanted to try something different, and it had been 10 or more years I had a crepe. Dark chocolate crepe served separately, as the server suggested it would take away the taste of the crepe if served together. Anyways, the crepe was puffy, sweet and so light just like it should be. The whole town knows about Lal’s gelato, one just has to taste it to experience it, no words can do justice to it.

The whole town knows about Lal’s gelato, one just has to taste it to experience it, no words can do justice to it.

Value for Money

Lal’s offers great food in a great price, food which is not only tasty but aesthetically presentable too. Cream of Mushroom Soup for PKR 250, Chicken Parmesan for PKR 620, Spicy Mediterranean Chicken and Rice Bowl for PKR 710, Viennese Hot Chocolate for PKR 275, Raspberry Lime for PKR 330 and lastly Dark Chocolate Crepe for PKR 250, Belgian Chocolate Gelato scoop for PKR 190.

Overall Verdict

I highly recommend Lal’s Patisserie to everyone looking for a varied menu, calm atmosphere, excellent hospitality and delectable food. This place is to go with friends and family both.

Lals Patisserie

Address: 5-C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, DHA Phase 6, Karachi.
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday – 08:30 am – 11:30 pm

You can order online here.

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