Panda Peeks – OH MY GRILL, Best Flame Grilled Burgers In Karachi!

Panda Peeks – OH MY GRILL, Best Flame Grilled Burgers In Karachi!

What significantly defines our choice in burgers? The patty. What makes us fall in love with a certain burger restaurant? The patty. What makes gouging down burgers a perfectly innocent crime for the weight watchers? The patty. If the burger’s patty has such a profound influence on our likes and dislikes then we Karachiites have truly been blessed with Oh My Grill’s flame grilled burgers.

Now, I say this because a true burger lover would move mountains to get to where his taste buds take him. And thankfully, that passion can be curbed by foodpanda because now you can order Oh My Grill, the connoisseurs of flame grilled burgers, online.

Having said that, let’s park aside all other thoughts and see what Oh My Grill has to offer. In this article, we’re going to talk about five bestsellers and what ingredients make them delicious.

Classic Burger

Flame Grilled Burgers | foodpanda Magazine

Oh My Grill is known for its thick juicy patties. The Classic Burger is prepared with 100 grams of meat that is sandwich between toasted buns. Smothered with secret recipe OMG sauce, fresh onion slices, tomato rings and some ketchup. Oh, and did I forget to mention abundance of processed cheese? You do not just bite into a burger, you bite your way to a satiated tummy and more love for beef burgers.

Mushroom Melt Burger

Flame Grilled Burgers | foodpanda Magazine

You ought to make it first choice for being a double patty burger; each of 100 grams. Besides this, sautéed mushrooms are another highlight. Sautéed onions and BBQ sauce also add to the peculiar, but oh so tasty, combination of beef and mushrooms. Then there is special OMG sauce which makes it all the more difficult to ignore this particular flavor.

Grilled Dijon Chicken Burger

Flame Grilled Burgers | foodpanda Magazine

Let me quickly add something to your knowledge. Dijon is a name given to mustard sauce variant. It is prepared with a number of elements of which the star is verjuice. Verjuice is an extract taken from ripened grapes which adds that tangy spiciness to Dijon mustard sauce.

Now you can imagine what Grilled Dijon Chicken Burger would taste like. The chicken breast is marinated with Dijon and grilled on a fire stove. Honey mustard sauce, some onions and tomatoes are then added to make it irresistible.

Swiss Mushroom Melt Burger

Flame Grilled Burgers | foodpanda Magazine

Swiss cheese is the highlight, of course. But imagine this, a whopping 250 grams of beef patty, hidden beneath the melted, sweet and nut flavored gooey cheese, sautéed onions on top, lots of mushrooms and some BBQ sauce with classic OMG sauce. That’s exactly what it is. Delicious, juicy, satiating and all those adjectives you’ll instantly think of when glutting down this one.

Spicy Gourmet Burger

Flame Grilled Burgers | foodpanda Magazine

Spicy Gourmet Burgers are spice lovers’ treat because they have first choice spicy sauce, the Chipotle to thank for. Chipotle plays a vital role in making this burger irresistible. On the other hand, jalapenos compliment the flavor with its pickled green pepper taste.

So, it goes like this: 250 grams of patty with jalapeno peppers, sautéed onions, English cheddar cheese and lots of chipotle sauce to moist those buns. Delicious!

Old Fashioned American Burger

Flame Grilled Burgers | foodpanda Magazine

This brings us to the final word on a hot new addition that has been updated to Oh My Grill’s menu, recently. When all else fails to awaken the sleeping burger beast, go back to basics. In this case an Old Fashioned American Burger.

This chap here is made with 175 grams of beef patty, dill pickles, tomatoes, sweet relish sauce that’s made with pickled cucumbers, green/red peppers, and vinegar, sugar and mustard seeds. Sliced cheese on top of it with some fresh onions, that’s all you need for today.

Our Verdict

You are guaranteed to have no room for dessert after one of these humongous meals and Oh My Grill seems to know it too well. There’s no Dessert menu at the moment but we hope they do include some items to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Burgers are earnestly juicy and carry that much needed grilled flavor to patty.

Did we manage to tempt you? Stick around for more updates on new arrivals. We’ve got everything covered.


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