Panda Peeks – WINGITT, The First Chicken Wings Restaurant In Karachi

Panda Peeks – WINGITT, The First Chicken Wings Restaurant In Karachi

This is 2016 and we Karachiites finally have a chicken wings restaurant in the city. What’s more? You can now order a gigantic bucket or two from the comforts of your home all thanks to Wingitt going live on foodpanda, recently.

Fried food aficionados would agree that there’s not much to choose when it comes to picking a perfect chicken wing sauce. Wingitt though has a complete range of sauces which just doesn’t contain the usual Barbecue and Buffalo flavors, but extends to peculiar tastes like sweet Thai chili, Wasabi and Honey Mustard.

In this article today, we are going to talk in detail about Wingitt’s wonderful attempt to turn a basic appetizer into a meal. There are around 12 flavors on Wingitt foodpanda’s menu along with a good amount of starters. Oh, and there’s cookie cake too for dessert.

Sauce flavors come with a spice meter for those who don’t want to end up ordering something their taste buds won’t approve of. Each flavor is categorized from Very Hot Buffalo to Super Mild Cheese.

For our review, we ordered three flavors separately and a four-flavor platter to surprise ourselves. If you’re planning to order in for Iftaar, the right time slot would be between 4PM to 6PM.

Having said that, let’s not waste time and quickly dive into the details of our experience.


Wingitt Fries

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Since Wingitt wants to bring the chicken wings revolution to Karachi, we’re going to lead the mob. Scrolling down the menu you will find Extras containing six items: Mozzarella sticks, Chicken nuggets, Chicken strips, Wingitt wedges, Wingitt fries and Regular fries. Order these before the wings and you have a suitable appetizer to prepare you for the real feast. We picked Wingitt Fries out of curiosity and were not disappointed at all.

You get to choose a number of sauces for your fries so we went on with Marinara. Hot crispy fries seemingly had sufficient sauce poured over them but as a sauce lover we ended up requesting for more. Can’t blame us!

Another item on the menu that is a must-try would be Mozzarella Sticks. They are perfectly stretchy and crispy. There was a right amount of Mozzarella cheese to it.

It didn’t take us long to devour those fries and we quickly moved towards the main course.


For our real feast, we tried three different flavors and ordered from the 8 pieces option. That is how they have designed the menu and with a little mathematics you can end up ordering a good bunch of wings for a lower price. However, to cover all corners, we decided to order three 8 pieces meals and a four flavor platter.

One 8 pieces meal will allow you to pick one flavor only. Hence we decided to order three 8 pieces meals with three different flavors.

Our first flavor didn’t require much thought as we quickly opted for Buffalo Original Wings.

Buffalo Original Chicken Wings

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Pakistani flavors run through our blood and one wouldn’t think twice when going for a super spicy flavor, be it chicken wings or Biryani. We love it! Buffalo flavor has three levels on the spice meter where Original sits in the middle. The rest are Very Hot and Mild. These spicy chicken wings appealed to our taste buds and boy we were glad to bite through it!

With a slight crisp, the core was soft and well cooked. Let us tell you that these hot wings are addictive and these sauces wouldn’t make it easy for you to put them down. Just make sure you’re ready to see a face smothered with sauce version of yourself. Napkins are prohibited until you finish! Up next comes, Spicy Garlic.

Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings

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At first, we got confused because Spicy Garlic wings looked exactly like the Buffalo we ordered. Upon tasting, we were pleasantly surprised to find the old favorite garlic sauce flavor infused with red chilies. The garlic flavor tends to feel overwhelming at times but there’s not much spicy to it so anyone can safely order without giving a second thought.

Buffalo and Spicy Garlic back to back are only recommended for those who love to experiment with hot flavors. Otherwise, opt for Honey Soy wings which we’re discussing next.

Honey Soy Chicken Wings

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One can never go wrong with this flavor. Tender chicken wings somehow manage to stay crispy on the outside despite having covered with thick, sticky sweet honey and soy sauce mixture. We’re all aware of the levels of sweet with chicken and this one doesn’t go overboard.

The sweet flavor is just the right amount and doesn’t incline to this side very much thanks to the Soy which balances the marriage of flavors and makes the wings irresistible. This one flavor we’d recommend you to order at least twice.

An eight wings platter is good for one person if you add up a drink and starters. Moving on, we’ll now discuss the four-flavor platter and their serving quantity.


If you’re wondering how chicken wings platter works, it’s simple. There are three options to choose from: eight wings, sixteen wings and twenty four wings. For each platter, number of sauces remain constant, that is four. However, the flavors can be anything from Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Original, Buffalo Very Hot, Hot Pepper, Wasabi, Masala, Spicy Garlic, Sweet Thai Chili, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Honey Soy, Sweet and Tangy, and Cheese.

We ordered a four flavor platter of eight chicken wings.

Four Flavor Platter, 8 Chicken Wings

We loved the fact that chicken wings are served casually in butter paper wraps. One wouldn’t hesitate to dig in and create a sticky flavorful mess. These wings are delicious and carry distinct flavor to the meat.

The eight pieces platter topped up with starter and drinks is sufficient for one person. Sixteen wings platter is similarly good for three and twenty four wings platter is a party for four. Your preference of sauce adds more oomph to it.

For our eight pieces platter we picked four different flavors; Sweet Thai Chili, Honey Mustard Sauce, Cheese, and BBQ.

[block]4[/block]Photo by Umul Baneen Nazar 2016

As you can see two pairs of wings. The one with translucent sauce and bits of red chilies is Sweet Thai Chili while the other is Honey Mustard Sauce. Two very mild flavors and reasonably sweet have the softest meat which will leave you smiling at your sticky fingers by the end. Sweet Thai Chili doesn’t have the specific Thai flavor to it which made the wings seem lost. However, you’d be well aware of Honey Mustard sauce that goes amazingly well with any kind of meat. A familiar flavor that somehow couldn’t make its place with chicken wings until now.

[block]5[/block]Photo by Umul Baneen Nazar 2016

The next pair of flavors was BBQ and Cheese. Thankful to Wingitt for keeping the original Barbecue flavor preserved and not over doing it. The wings were crispy, soft in the center, yet sticky and deliciously infused with smoky BBQ flavor. We absolutely loved them. On the other hand, we didn’t find ourselves fond of cheese but for cheese lovers this should be good.

There are more flavors on the menu which we’d recommend you to try out. One of which is Wasabi.

Other Flavors

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Wasabi chicken wings should have been pale green but we’re thankful it wasn’t. What pleases the eye, pleases the taste buds in our case. This particular flavor is categorized as hot however doesn’t linger on the taste buds for too long. A little pungency with chicken meat is also not too bad given the fact that our Desi flavors fall towards similar tasting levels.

After stuffing our face with wings and hands all sticky with sauce, we opted for the simple yet delicious cookie cake.


Cookie Cake

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The only item on dessert menu falls short of nothing. Crumbly cookies that taste like freshly baked soft disc and just has the right amount of sweetness. Nutella can be tasted in between cookie crumbs, seeping through to give the not-too-sweet flavor to it. It’s a very suitable dessert after a fulfilling meal of chicken wings and we’re glad we didn’t miss out on it.


[block]8[/block]Photo by Umul Baneen Nazar 2016

We’re uber-glad by what this place has to offer. Being on foodpanda makes it easier for all the lovely chicken wings flavors to drop directly at our homes. We enjoyed all the tried flavors and would recommend you to test those we haven’t mentioned over here. On top of that, there’s also an option to have your wings either tossed in flavors or left un-tossed.

In the latter case, you’ll be able to test the real chicken wings flavor which is exquisite on its own. Order in bulk because after a few pieces you’ll begin to get the flavors developed and once it happens, there will be no stopping!

Would you like to get updates on more of such restaurants? Stay connected. We’ll cover all!


Opening hours on foodpanda: Mo-Su, 17:00 – 18:00, 20:00 – 03:00
Click here to order online
Address: 34-C Bukhari Commercial Lane 1, Karachi, Pakistan-75500

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