The Perfect Match – Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta & Crème Brûlée

The Perfect Match – Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta & Crème Brûlée

You know there’s always that one type of food you can have anytime in the day or on any given day because when it arrives piping hot with all those yummy sauces dripping, it’s just impossible to say no. Pasta is one such love and none other than Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta. Probably the most fail safe, tempting and fulfilling option on any restaurant’s menu.

But nothing seals a meal better than a dessert and there’s a natural inclination to consume something sweet afterwards.

Situation be such, I tried Alfredo Pasta at three various restaurants lately and I decided to write about it and tell all the Alfredo fans how differently each served my taste buds, so you can make a choice next time you order it online via foodpanda.

Soon afterwards my sweet tooth started to tickle and I knew I had to make a very careful selection after a fulfilling meal. I easily opted for a Crème Brûlée and found it to pair perfectly with pasta.

My food expedition of the day started with Espresso so let’s review what makes it stand out and what does not.


Warm ribbons of soft Fettuccine layers with uber tender grilled chicken strips is something your tummy will thank for after a long day of tiring tasks and stomach grumbles.

It’s a good enough serving for one although I wish they would put more of those grilled chicken strips.

Alfredo Pasta | foodpanda Magazine

The sauce is high on the cream end, thick and soft with a distinct thyme aroma and flavor on each bite.

The sauce is a little bland but the sour taste from the grated Parmesan and marinated grilled chicken mixes well; balancing the overall flavor. If you still feel you need a kick, Tabasco sauce is always there for the rescue.

Alfredo Pasta | foodpanda Magazine

The sides include two large pieces of garlic bread, served hot, light, aromatic and crisp.

Price: PKR 665
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If you’re not a spice fan at all and don’t want a lot of cheese or cream in your white sauce either, then Café Zouk’s Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta could be your choice.

Alfredo Pasta | foodpanda Magazine

Its sauce is milky, yet light and runny with less salt as compared to my previous try and missed most of the other condiments too. Making it overall a pretty bland dish with diced chicken of mild flavor which I am sure would be appreciated by people who eat less spice. Also, a plus point is that you can ask for more Parmesan and add salt separately in case you feel like there isn’t much.

Alfredo Pasta | foodpanda Magazine

The total portion size of the dish is pretty good and before I forget, they serve the dish with a star shaped beetroot cut, which actually went well with the flavor and gave that necessary sharp tinge to the palate.

Tabasco is a must use for this one if you like it a bit spicy.

Price: PKR 699
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This was very different from what is usually served by the restaurants here because primarily Alfredo is nothing but Fettuccine Pasta, Parmesan cheese and butter.

Alfredo Pasta | foodpanda Magazine

Visually, it’s supposed to be bright yellow while most restaurants focus on using cream as their major ingredient and mozzarella to prepare the sauce which ends up giving it a hint of white color.

Bella Vita generously uses butter, which coupled with Parmesan cheese has that much needed cultured flavor to it and just the right yellow color.

Not needing any additional hot sauces to enhance its flavor, this one had diced grilled chicken marinated in lemon and chili and had sufficient red chili flakes as part of the sauce.

Topped with copious amount of grated Parmesan, this was surely a delight.

They don’t serve any sidelines with it other than their complimentary bread basket which by the way was delicious.

Serving size was sufficient for one hungry soul and I’m surely ordering in again!

Price: PKR 625
Order Bella Vita Online here

That was a roundup of my Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta experiences. I was satiated, not because of three rounds of Pasta meals but because of the first serving so I resorted to tasting the rest of the meals for critique purposes and had my mind set on the dessert.

I knew where I had to order dessert from and it is one of the best Crème Brûlée desserts you can have in Karachi. Let’s go find out more about it!


This beauty is often questioned for its taste because this is one French dessert that is slightly underrated and not tried very often when there are likes of Chocolate and caramel delicacies. But I’m glad to be talking about this simple sweet dessert of custard and torched raw sugar.

Perfect Match for Alfredo Pasta | foodpanda Magazine

It tastes like vanilla and just when you’re about to register the flavor, it begins to taste like custard. Primarily, it is made with cream. The scorched sugar on top forms a thin crispy caramel layer which upon gently probing with a spoon reveals the silky smooth texture.

Perfectly light, sweet and seems to harmonize with your metabolism and ends up making you feel serene.

Serving size is suitable for one person, however there’s no harm in sharing the love.

Price: PKR 410
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This is it for today!

I will be writing soon over another interesting topic so hang in there and subscribe to the list so I land directly with another feature in your inbox!

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