The Perfect Match – Pairing New York Cheesecake with Moroccan Chicken

The Perfect Match –  Pairing New York Cheesecake with Moroccan Chicken

Only die hard foodies, or those who simply love the thought of food and cooking can realize what depth a perfect match possesses. Similar to the significance of detailing, some people just like to ensure their desires every fine day, are met with the feeling of completeness.

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Think no further than the Moroccan Chicken at Delfrio, the most filling yet lighthearted meal one can opt for while salivating for an extraordinary main entree. Grilled to the best of tenderness, a duo of chicken fillets are marinated with mild salt and pepper but laid to rest over the best of well steamed vegetables of impressive variety such as carrots, bean sprouts, zucchini and potatoes.

This ultimate assembly remains incomplete until it’s dressed with Delfrio’s signature Moroccan Chicken sauce, meant to add flavor to this main course. This sauce is a combination of lemon, garlic, cream, Italian herbs and an eye-catching orange color to give this dish, its dash of flavor and looks of course. That’s not all, this fairy tale chicken dish comes with a sideline of white rice, with a drizzle of fresh parsley on the top as its final goodbye from the chefs in the kitchen.

No meal is an indulgence thoroughly enjoyed, unless your hunger stops growling over the span of your first bite,all the way till you wipe your face with napkins to end your meal. Similarly, when days have errands tied around and tasks to be fulfilled ,a light but distinctive meal is all you’re looking for.

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With a main course composed of healthy variations, a flavorsome light indulgence with no excess of oils or cheese to fill you beyond your need of a light meal, you need a dessert that compliments your meal selection so far.

A flimsy but pleasantly addictive slice of New York Cheesecake is meant to befriend your food selection! A base made up of light biscuits, set together by the bond of buttery goodness, the filling of a New York Cheesecake is nothing but a fascinating combination of lower sugar content, a twist of vanilla essence with a well cooked dressing of milk, cream cheese and lots of simplicity.

New York Cheesecake is a dense mixture of sour cream or heavy cream, depending on the recipe variants and develops a creamy consistency, once set. New York cheesecake slices are often accompanied with fresh berries, seasonal fruits or tropical fruit purees to adorn the mixture’s distinct flavor, with an additional sweet edge. A delicate slice of New York Cheesecake is a dessert so simple, that you’ll fail to deny an indulgence that would do no more harm than simply falling in love with its clarity.

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New York Cheesecakes are a commonly demanded light indulgence, up for grabs at all urban cafes, bakeries and top notch restaurants. It’s a dire preference by adults since its simple and in ideal choice for those who do not like their desserts to be coffee or chocolate flavor based. New York Cheesecakes can be easily found at places like Bravo Bakery, Pie in the Sky, Lal’s Patisserie or Espresso.

A meal on a light note, that pairs up with a simple dessert is not just something to keep you hunger free all day long, but helps you connect better with milder-yet- filling meals and their variety of flavors, available at places that you might have missed out to try!

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