They say good food is the foundation of genuine happiness and there’s where my firm belief lies in. With my taste buds originally pampered by Karachi’s scrumptious food and now relocated in Islamabad, my quest for good food remains on.

Coming on-board foodpanda and getting a chance to express my love for food was an exciting opportunity for me. So, I took a stroll around the restaurants in F11 Islamabad and picked two eateries to experience for this piece. My focus today is to tell you about restaurants you can order from, being in F11 Islamabad and get the food delivered piping hot.

Let’s have a look into what combinations I chose. I hope you will find them as amazing as I did.


Chicken Corn Soup

Restaurants in F11 Islamabad | foodpanda Magazine

Taste: With considerable quantity of boiled chicken, egg and corn, the Chicken Corn Soup is a must try if you visit Tapas.

Flavor: Great chicken flavor will inspire your taste buds in the very first sip. Overall flavor of the soup is desi rendition of Chicken Corn

Soup. So if you’re looking for authentic Chinese flavor, this might not be your stop.

Quantity: The soup comes in a good size bowl enough for a person.

Value for money: Considering the taste and quantity, there’s a good value for money.

Overall item rating: 7.5/10

Price: PKR 170

Milano Chicken

Restaurants in F11 Islamabad | foodpanda Magazine

Milano Chicken is one of the specialties at Tapas. It’s made of boneless chicken stuffed with cheese, jalapenos and spice topped with red Tomato-cream sauce. The item  is serves with a creamy rice and a side of fried vegetables.

Taste: Milano Chicken is something you won’t find everywhere. Different flavors come together to make a worth-having item. Next time you’re at Tapas or you’re delivering, this beast is a must.

Flavor: The over-dominated Tomato taste is the only negative, rest of the taste is amazing. Nicely fried, not too oily, chicken with cheese adds great flavor. Creamy Rice was amazing and much better than plain boiled rice. Take a spoon even without gravy and you’ll love it.

Quantity: I’m known among my friend to do justice with great quantities and Milano Chicken was something I couldn’t finish. Five good size pieces of chicken, ample gravy and small size bowl of rice is enough for a person. Vegetable sides are small though.

Value for money: 100% value for money. What else would you expect in Rs.450? Great item for value-seekers.

Overall rating: 8/10

Price: PKR 450

Order from Tapas Online here


Cheese Chicken Kabab

Restaurants in F11 Islamabad | foodpanda Magazine

Cheese Chicken Kabab was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to give it a try. These are long kababs made of minced chicken mixed with three different types of  cheese dusted with Parmesan.

Taste: Cheese Chicken Kabab has a signature taste that differentiates it from other kabab options in the market. Only if kababs were juicy and they had cheese filled inside as well, it would have been a great dish. Not very exceptional taste, it something you would appreciate as a side only.

Flavor: It’s a blend of eastern and western flavors where Cheese flavor dominates the taste. Good choice for cheese lovers.

Quantity: Quantity is fine for two if you’ve ordered other items too. There are total 6 pieces of 6-inch kababs in the serving.

Value for money: Not exactly. 6 kababs for Rs.890 is not a deal a value-seeker would look for. However, if you want to experience Andaaz then give it a try.

Overall rating: 6/10

Price: Rs.890

Nimbu Soda

Restaurants in F11 Islamabad | foodpanda Magazine

Taste: The taste is refreshing as it’s made of soda. If you want to make it hard, go for Club Soda option, otherwise simple Soda is a general choice. Better option than another item in the menu named Nimbu Pani.

Flavor: Since it’s a lemonade with soda (7up/Spirte), the flavor is all lemon, a must have after BBQ and desi food.

Quantity: Served in a wine glass, Nimbu Soda  is being served in an average quantity. 2-3 good sips will make your glass look empty.

Value for money: Not a very good value for money since the serving is average but again, it’s Andaaz.

Overall rating: 7/10

Price: Rs.170

Baingan ka Raita

Restaurants in F11 Islamabad | foodpanda Magazine

It’s simply a raita with roasted eggplant mixed with tomato, onion and cucumber.

Taste: Having a fine taste, Baingan ka Raita is a sweet form of raita good to have on table when you have spicy food on the table. Ideal job of the item is to balance the spice level.

Flavor: Baingan ka raita is a mixture of various flavors but let’s ignore the name for a while, the least noticeable flavor is the eggplant itself.

Quantity: The item is served in a big bowl, enough to accompany dining of 4-5 people.

Value for money: Good value for money. If 130 bucks are enhancing your taste then why not.

Price: Rs.130

Order From Andaaz Online here

Other Options

While I couldn’t get myself to order from other restaurants, there are two more options you can go for: BBQ Tonight and Tandoori Restaurant. Tandoori Restaurant went live on foodpanda this year only so feel free to check out their menus.

Tandoori Restaurant

Restaurants in F11 Islamabad | foodpanda Magazine

Order from Tandoori Restaurant Online here

BBQ Tonight

Restaurants in F11 Islamabad | foodpanda Magazine

Order from BBQ Tonight Online here

This has been a great weekend in terms of food discovery. I explored different variations of food and posted here. Will keep testing and posting reviews. Till then, goodbye!

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Jibran T. Siddiqui |
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Jibran is an advertising professional from Islamabad with a great lust for flavorsome food.


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