Top 10 Best Chicken Restaurants in Karachi – Nov 2019

Top 10 Best Chicken Restaurants in Karachi – Nov 2019

Food. When considering on what to eat and what is the best restaurants in your area the web is full of information but how do you know who to trust and if what you are reading is true or whether ratings are fair? After all the owner of any restaurant can perhaps find away to manipulate this.

Fortunately for you here at foodpanda.pk we have come up with the way to give our partners a score this way you know that the score is not biased. What is it called you ask? It’s “Panda Score” of course and you can read all about how it is calculated on our  Panda Score for Restaurants page.

This time around me being a chicken meat lover, i thought we pick the top 10 best chicken restaurants in Karachi.

Below you will find a list of top 10 chicken restaurants in Karachi with a Panda Score!

Red Apple – Panda Score: 17704

OPTP – Panda Score: 15732

Burger Lab Test Restaurant – Panda Score: 15376

Rowtisserie – Panda Score: 13789

Nama Burger Menu of Nando – Panda Score: 10075

Subway South – Panda Score: 9905

McDonalds – Panda Score: 9491

Ginsoy – Panda Score: 8950

Subway Shahbaz – Panda Score: 6703

Karachi Haleem North Nazimabad – Panda Score: 6687

Although the list of best restaurants only consists of 10, do not be discouraged if your favorite restaurant is not listed. The scores are based on the customer feedback and a lot of the times people do not have the time to give their feedback but we know they loved the food because the always come back for more.

Article Written By avni

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