Top of the Town – Finding the perfect Paratha Roll in Karachi

Top of the Town – Finding the perfect Paratha Roll in Karachi

A foodie in Karachi might easily come up with a favourite preference when it comes to naming the best place for Chinese, Italian, masalay-daar Biryani or Desi food. However, it becomes a mind-boggling dilemma when someone asks you to list down your top places for having a mind-blowing paratha roll.

This week we are solving this puzzle for you by listing down the top of the town places to order scrumptious Paratha Roll from. Trust us – these guys know what a paratha roll is!

Red Apple

Paratha Roll 1

Imagine all that mayo oozing out of the freshly made parathas and making way to your tastebuds… YUMMMM!
If you are now craving for an exceptional Chicken Garlic Mayo Roll then look nowhere other than Red Apple. Their rolls are fresh, crispy with an ample filling wrapped in. They not only have an extensive menu, but almost everything they serve is extremely delicious and pocket-friendly. And the cherry on the top? They give you the option to get it made with either a chapati (weight-watchers might want to note this down) or a paratha!

So, check out their extensive flavours of rolls available here: Red Apple

Roll Inn

Paratha Roll 2

With around 30 odd varieties of rolls to choose from, Roll Inn is any paratha roll lover’s dream destination. While our favourite is their Chicken Reshmi Kabab Chatni Roll for it gives a melt-in-the-mouth feeling as soon as the first bite goes in your mouth, one might also fall for their Malai Chatni and Malai Cheese Rolls based on their rich aromas and mouth-watering taste. Roll Inn’s rolls again fall under the Rs.150 range and are easy-on-the-pocket while being stomach filling.

You can order these delicious treats here: Roll Inn

Hot n Roll

Paratha Roll 3

Hot n Roll has slowly made its mark in Karachi’s rapidly increasing street food industry. If you have not tried their Crispy Chicken Roll and Chicken Malai Jumbo Roll yet, then we strongly recommend you to do your tastebuds a favour and order it right away! Hot n Roll’s menu houses a massive variety of mouth-watering deals that give foodies a chance to enjoy their signature rolls in combination with other popular specialities like Zinger Burger, Broast and Tikka. This new outlet is surely giving all the eateries mentioned above some tough and flavor-full competition!

Check out their extensive menu here: Hot n Roll

A-One Snacks

Paratha Roll 4

The last one is the place we recently discovered while hunting for something to munch on right after a hectic day at work. With A-One Snacks’ exclusive discount deals running on foodpanda until 28th of Feb’ 2017, every foodie must give this new eatery a chance to prove its standing amongst the best fast food servers in town. Rolls served by A-one snacks are hot, appetizing, and extremely delicious. If you are out of options and have to order a paratha roll to save your life, then you can safely rely on A-One Snacks and their Chicken Reshmi Kabab Roll.

They are also serving some outstanding deals, combining the rolls with some of their most popular burgers. Check out their combos here: A-One Snacks

Want to add your favourite Paratha Roll joints to the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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