Top of the Town – Karachi’s unconventional diet food situation

Top of the Town – Karachi’s unconventional diet food situation

Have you recently joined the 42 Day Challenge, Fit in 5, or any similar fitness regimes? Are you facing difficulty in forming and following a diet plan because everything you look to order is full of calories and falls under the non-diet category? Do you wish to own a cooking genie who would cook healthy and delicious diet food for you every day without fail? Well, you will love what I have compiled for you below because this week’s top of the town list has some of Karachi’s best food places that are serving healthy, clean, and scrumptious diet meals along whilst making sure making sure that your taste-buds are spoiled and savoured!

Eatfit – You are what you eat

The first name that naturally comes to our mind when someone talks about ordering healthy food is Eatfit. We remember placing our first order on their Facebook page around 2 years ago and was extremely impressed by their chicken tikka wrap that came with some delish sauces and salad. At that time, they only used to offer individual items like sandwiches, wraps, salads and some miscellaneous items.

Stir Fried VegetablesThe vegetables served with the mains. Fresh, slightly seasoned and boiled to perfection.

However, Eatfit has rapidly expanded its offerings by not only adding some mouth-watering items to its menu but also Quick Meal Plans for fitness fanatics who would like to eat healthy throughout the week. The best part about these quick meal plans is that they are balanced, easy on the pocket and plentiful (both in taste and nutrition). Our favourite part about ordering food from Eatfit is the calorie count. These guys not only mention the calories per item on their menu online but also attach it to every delivery box. What a wonderful way to keep a count of your calorie intake, no? They just won’t let you forget if you overeat!

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast – An instant food coma for any healthy eater!Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast

We recently got to taste one of Eatfit’s speciality – Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast. Housing exactly 349 calories, this dish was not only fresh and flavorful but was enough to sustain us through a jam-packed day at work. It was served with boiled and mildly seasoned vegetables which not only added a delightful splurge of colours to the dish, but also enhanced our appetite and served as healthy fillers.

Explore Eatfit’s variety-some menu and order your favourite healthy choice here: Eatfit

Greeno Juice Bars – A fresh concept of ‘Drinking Healthy’

We remember when Greeno was newly launched in the city. Everyone was pretty sceptical about the concept of selling healthy and premium quality fruit juices that serve the taste-buds of people from almost all walks of life especially the health-conscious lot. Overtime, Greeno has proved it mantle and we gladly admit, WE ARE ADDICTED!

Greeno Juice Bars - Health in a cup!Greeno Juice Bars – Health in a cup!

What we love the most about Greeno is how rich and individualistic every single serving is, despite having multitudes of ingredients and flavours. One can easily distinguish all the fruity flavours in a single sip. Our all-time favourite smoothie at Greeno is “Berry Refreshing” (found under the Yoghurt Smoothies group) which is an interesting blend of Strawberry, Banana, Orange, Honey, and Greek Yoghurt. It is neither too sweet nor too bland and the tinge of orange fused with the superior taste of fresh strawberries is a treat for your taste buds! The best part about this drink is that it is available all-round the year and is super healthy (no preservatives added!).

Berry Refreshing (extreme left), All Time High (bottom left), and Nutty Banana (off-white in colour, far-top)Flavours: Berry Refreshing (extreme left), All Time High (bottom left), and Nutty Banana (off-white in colour, far-top)

We recently tried a brand new addition to Greeno’s Dairy Classics -“Nutty Banana” and boy did we love it! (Note: weight-watchers should restrict themselves to Greeno’s Detox Line and Yoghurt Smoothies) This smoothie is thick, rich and has a winning combination of banana with peanuts and honey. The beauty of this combo is further enhanced by the flavour of Vanilla (Yes! you are allowed to drool!) Everyone who is a Greeno fan and can afford the intake of a few extra calories in their diet plans, you MUST try this new smoothie and do yourself a favour.

To order your favourite variety of smoothies and fresh juices from Greeno, click here: Greeno

Subway – One just cannot have enough of it!

Talking and about healthy eating options and not mentioning Subway? Well, we cannot commit this sin! Subway has surely revolutionized the concept of sandwich making by introducing and mastering its sauce game. While their basic ingredients remain simple boiled/grilled chicken with a dash of seasoning, their unique sauces make all the difference in every flavour of the sub. Economical, healthy, and tasteful; we just cannot get bored of consuming Subway!

The juicy, fiery, zesty Chicken Teriyaki SubThe juicy, fiery, zesty Chicken Teriyaki Sub

Our personal favourite flavour from Subway’s delicious line of 6-inch subs is their Chicken Teriyaki flavour which is juicy, fiery and zesty! Pair it up with a sprint of their honey mustard, sweet onion, south-west, and thousand island sauce and voila! A sandwich made to perfection. The best part about this flavour is that it tastes delicious even when you go low on the sauces or just add vegetables at times of diet.

So whenever you don’t want to eat at home because mom didn’t cook anything healthy? Order your sub here: Subway

Do let us know where you ordered your next healthy meal from.


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