Top of the town – Low-calorie hidden gems on the menu

Top of the town – Low-calorie hidden gems on the menu

Did Panda Health Week inspire you to eat right? If not, it must have at least made you discover that healthy food is necessarily not always boring; but it can be a little difficult if you are part of an all-time food-loving squad. Don’t worry, we have you covered with a list of low-calorie hidden gems on the menu of conventional restaurants that you can order in when eating with not-so-calorie-conscious friends. 😉

Excited to discover them all? Here you go:

1. Subway – Karachi

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Whenever quick and nutritious meal is concerned, Subway is always on the top of mind. And surprisingly their standards are still the same, not going any low with gaining popularity. Subway sandwiches are fresh, delicious and made to order. So I absolutely love their Italian Bread and Turkey Breast Sandwich loaded with fresh veggies and my favourite thousand island dressing.

Craving already? Order Subway now.

2. N’ecos Natural Store & Café – Karachi


N’ecos is recognized for the healthiest and yummiest food in Karachi. Unlike other restaurants having salads and sandwiches in the low-calorie spree, even desserts at N’ecos have the calorie count mentioned. Their Twix Cheese Cake is to die for 450 Cal Count only. Now not all cheesecakes are super smooth, creamy and taste heavenly when served at room temperature, but this Twix Cheesecake is guaranteed to give you such glee. So at the end of the day, some healthy chocolate-y calories don’t hurt!

Can’t resist? Order N’eco’s Natural Store Cafe now.

3. Espresso – Karachi


Panda recommended taking the first meal of the day like a king. And I am a HUGE fan of breakfast; so much so I can have breakfast meals for dinner as well. Espresso has an all-day breakfast menu available starting from scrambled to fried eggs and yummy French toasts. I love their Granola Bars made with fresh oats and nuts – a must try for everyone this week – it is guaranteed to give you a power punch in amidst of a dull day. And the best part is they are available throughout the day, so Hurray!

Order these healthy bars from Espresso now.

4. Xander’s – Karachi


My all time favourite Caesar Salad is Xander’s speciality. Packed with proteins, the goodness of leafy vitamins and juicy veggies. It’s juicy, tempting and so fulfilling – can never get enough of it. Classic recipe with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, croutons and the parmesan cheese on top. The grilled chicken on this salad is so flavorful, you won’t regret having a salad this week.

Order this scrumptious salad from Xander’s now.

5. Pantry – Karachi


Pantry serves the freshest and most flavorful food for food lovers. It’s again a good option if you’d like to keep a count on your calories for every meal. The food is prepared without any compromise with premium ingredients. I suggest ordering in their High Protein Lettuce Wraps and Yoghurt Parfait; prepared with seasonal fresh fruits. Other than this, they have an extensive variety of other low-calorie food on their weight watcher menu.

Beat the heat with light food from Pantry now.

6. Go Organic – Islamabad

Organic food is automatically healthy for us, free from artificial flavouring and processed methods. I love their Quinoa Tabouleh, filled with iron, vitamins, potassium, and calcium and of course fibre. Why not make your body happy by feeding it with what’s beneficial for it? This yummy quinoa is gluten free and complete low-calorie protein meal for any day.

Order this goodness from Go Organic now.

7. Gloria Jean’s Coffees- Islamabad


When planning a getaway, study sessions or just chit chats, fuel yourself up with some good proteins. I suggest, Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Gloria, which is packed with all the goodness of poultry and is grilled and prepared in bran bread. So this super low-calorie sandwich is packed with proteins, fibre and leafy vegetables.

All set to order? Gloria Jean’s Coffee is here.

8. Mocca Coffee – Lahore


Mocca has an extensive menu to select low-calorie food from. I love their Mushroom and Cheese Omelet served with greens, dried tomatoes and brown bread. I like baked beans (have to pay separately for it) with it as well. To complete the meal, strawberry smoothie does wonders, where sugar can be replaced with honey making it healthier.

Drooling over this meal? Order Mocca Coffee now.

9. Café Latch – Lahore


Salad doesn’t have to be necessarily made of veggies only, but blended with fresh fruits put together could be a perfect get away for summers. If you are a fan of light food and also looking forward to being on low-calorie side, Café Latch provides you the perfect salad with seasonal fruits to be included in your diet plan.

Can’t wait to order? Order Cafe Latch now.

10. Café Barbera – Lahore


Last but not the least, Café Barbera has been really popular with its food for quality and scrumptiousness. Being on a healthy spin, why not order some Grilled Sea Food Platter. Sea food is low-calorie, rich with omega acids and it’s low in calories as well. This platter has Calamari skewers prawns and fish with tangy red sauce, served with gratin potatoes. A perfect indulgence for all the sea food lovers out there, yum!

Sort out your meal and order Cafe Barbera now.

Have your own low-calorie gems to add to this list? Go ahead and write in the comments below.

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