Top Of The Town – Delicious Sehri In Karachi

Top Of The Town – Delicious Sehri In Karachi

It would be a shame to not squander (a little) on extravagant Sehri in Karachi this Ramadan. Let’s put aside the usual Anda Paratha, Lassi and Pheni and consider ordering items we’re about to reveal.

We think and you will agree that a fulfilling Sehri makes it easier to survive long hours of fasting. Hence, let’s make it a point to keep the regular breakfast items such as toasts, yogurt and juice with the fancy items so the first meal of day is complete and doesn’t miss out on anything.

Today, Top of the Town has picked four eateries, known for delectable breakfasts that are best alternatives for a regular Sehri at home.

Hopping on to the first pick, let’s try Bella Vita.

Bella Vita

Known for its all-embracing Italian menu, Bella Vita’s menu carries an exquisite range of breakfast items too. Since you love an omelette and have failed quiet at times to make it fancy at home, how about you choose from the six types? You name an omelette and they have it.

We’re going to keep it simple with eggs here. Consider Scrambled Eggs, served with Mushrooms, Hash Browns and Grilled Tomato. You can pair it up with toasts or dig in with a fork. Some people like to have non-greasy parathas with this one too.

Photo by Umul Baneen Nazar 2016

If you do not want to make it all about eggs, every morning, go for our next selection. Pizza Al Pollo, one of the finest thin crust delicacy that can be consumed as a full meal at Sehri.

Al Pollo is prepared with restaurant’s signature tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, smoked chicken bits, mushrooms and black olives. It is served in medium size only which makes a fulfilling meal for one person.

Min. Order limit: Rs.500

Accepts Online Payment & Cash On Delivery

Order Bella Vita Online Here

Dunkin Donuts

We have picked Dunkin Donuts for their knack in making delicious breakfast sandwiches. Egg & cheese, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Fajita, Omwich and Roast beef, all make for a sufficient Sehri when coupled with Chocolate Sprinkle Donut and hot Cappuccino Mocha.

Omwich | foodpanda Magazine

Our first pick among sandwiches is everyone’s favorite Omwich; omelette in a sandwich, made for quick eating. A usual omelette with tomatoes, green peppers and cheese slices, stuffed in a freshly baked, slit opened croissant.

Do not want to fancy omelettes? Then go for three egg free sandwiches on the menu: Chicken Tikka, Chicken Fajita and Roast Beef.

Fajita Sandwich | foodpanda Magazine

Photo by Umul Baneen Nazar 2016

Fajita on a little Mexican side is itself a meal that contains marinated chicken, fresh lettuce, cucumbers and cheese slices. Mild spices from roast blended with mayonnaise cheese, lettuce and tomatoes; Roast Beef is a pleasantly fulfilling sandwich that could make you thirsty afterwards. Better keep the water intake, checked!

Min. Order limit: Rs.450

Accepts Online Payment & Cash On Delivery

Order Dunkin Donuts Online Here

New York Coffee

This brings us to our third restaurant that is on everyone’s tip of the tongue. Of course the food is exotic but scoring top in all menu categories is a job deserving every acclaim.

As our vote for the tremendous job New York Coffee has done, we’re going to recommend you to order their special New York Coffee Club Omelette, today.

NYC Club Omelette | foodpanda Magazine

Photo by Umul Baneen Nazar 2016

The details we are about to get into will make you helpless if you’re reading this while fasting. NYC Club Omelette folds in itself a number of delicious things: Roast beef, grilled chicken pieces that are marinated with some secret spice recipe, mixed peppers including red/green peppers, green chilies, black pepper, a nice crispy potato cutlet, toasted bread, jam, butter and fruit salad.

Need we say more? This omelette is a complete meal in itself and can be ordered at any time during the day. Consider this our favorite pick and order for your next Sehri in Karachi.

Min. Order limit: No limit

Accepts Online Payment & Cash On Delivery

Order New York Coffee online here

Neco’s Natural Store & Cafe

Our Sehri talks couldn’t have been complete without this one on the list. Neco’s as we know uses organic produce to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. We have picked two favorites from their menu of all-day breakfasts.

Cheese & Mushroom Omelette | foodpanda Magazine

Mushroom and Cheese omelette can be consumed with Parathas however toasts pair up pretty well too. Pick a whole wheat or multi grain bread for toasts and dig in. This omelette is a simple amalgamation of stuffed cheddar cheese and mushrooms with eggs and if you still want to pair it with a paratha, keep it less greasy.

Tawa Qeema | foodpanda Magazine

Let’s tempt you with some Tawa Qeema and Paratha served with pickles. Prepared with less quantity of grease, beef mince is cooked with all the accompanying greens, tomatoes and whole spices. Plus the paratha is less greasy too so you don’t feel an instant calorie load and continue to enjoy eating extra.

French Toast | foodpanda Magazine

We’ll finish it off with our personal favorite pick from Neco’s that’s a dessert and breakfast item at the same time. French Toasts at Neco’s are thick bread slices with your choice of toppings. As a suggestion, try caramel and bananas with some whipped cream because nothing tastes better with these toasts except bananas. Yes, chocolate is out of option too.

Min. Order limit: No limit

Accepts Cash On Delivery only

Order Neco’s Online Here

What’s your favorite place for Sehri in Karachi? Tell us in the comments below.

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