Top of the Town – The best Peri Bites in K-town

Top of the Town – The best Peri Bites in K-town

There are times we want to just bite on to food which is easy to fetch, not so filling and yet flavorful. Yes! I am referring to snacking. Living in Karachi gives us plenty of snacking options but as a spice lover, Jalapeno poppers – generally known as Peri Bites – have always been my favourite; where carefully chosen jalapenos are hollowed and stuffed with love (love means food, no?). Perfectly filled with cheese (not gooey but oozing out), chicken stuffing, served hot and popping into the mouth is nothing but delish pleasure for it be an anytime appetizer.

Below are my top 3 personal favourite peri bite places top to bottom:


Cosmopolitan Peri Bites

Oh! not so golden brown fried but fried just to perfection and kept in mind the freshness of the Jalapeno and stuffing inside, their cook is a genius. Just after the first bite of this divine popper, I was glad I got it from Cosmo, because, perfect taste, perfect crumb coat and so piping hot. I couldn’t resist but burn my tongue. I’d suggest everyone to try it with their very uniquely seasoned, sweet and sour dip complimenting the savoury taste of peri bites, voila! They had me on. Right, the amount of cheese and spice from the jalapenos makes it the crowd favourite and classy as Cosmopolitan itself.

Bonus Point: What I loved about these was the feel of each varied layer in Peri bites, from crumbly crunchy coating to smooth jalapeno skin to the melt in mouth cheese oh my goodness, I insist, these are a must try with their very unique dip.

Order Peri Bites from Cosmopolitan here.


Nandos Peri Bites

The Originators of Peri Bites still are a no-doubt-provider of heavenly poppers with oozing out cheese with the perfect balance of flavours inside! Not to forget, their Peri sauce which can be licked even after the Peri Bites have been gobbled up. Flavorful is one word which comes to mind when I actually reminisce about Nando’s Peri Bites. The crunchy, perfectly coated with crumbs and filled until the very end with cheese that it just starts dripping as you just bite. Oh, Nando’s why? Why make me fill me with those extra calories (note: these are not for health conscious buddies out there).

Bonus Point: For the same cost, Nando’s serve in a great quantity of Peri Bites, meaning more happiness. Yay!

Order Peri Bites from Nando’s here.

Del Frio

Del Frio Peri Bites

Perfectly selected Jalapenos for bite size and very uniquely flavoured, Del Frio is a must-try for its flaming hot and cheesy Peri Bites. Perfectly blended with flavours, they can make anyone’s taste buds ting and want for more. These walk that very thin line between being too spicy and being just right. Luckily, they always stay at the just the right line. I was delighted to be served with these extremely crispy and tasty poppers, which I am sure, were served directly from the hot fryer without any delay as they stayed fresh and hot for about 30min, which makes them a must-be-tried by every foodie.

Bonus Point: For foodies who are willing to experiment with their taste buds, Del Frio offers a very different yet tangy peri filling.

Order Peri Bites from Del Frio here.

My snack time has been sorted out, with not one or two, but almost three best places which can provide me with the best Bites (oh so peri peri) with an extreme rush of mouthful flavours, what about you?

Please share your experiences, would love to know.

Nimrah Khan
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Article Written By Anum Fatima

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