Women are not born to make Gol Rotis only!

Women are not born to make Gol Rotis only!

I am sure, women must agree to the statement above and raising their hands high in also validating the same. From ages, we have been hearing a fine roti has to be gol, but that’s not an art, to be honest! Art is to bring other shapes and creativity to Roti. So ladies, need some ideas on how to impress people with Roti transformation and flaunting your culinary skills on your special day? foodpanda is here to the rescue as always.

1. Gol Paratha Roll

Best Paratha Roll in Karachi

Classic Paratha Roll with chatni, malai or any other stuffing … not only yumm in tumm but can fulfill anyone’s hunger attack. Be it simple chapati roll or paratha roll, according to preference especially for weight watchers. To order variety of rolls from food panda click here.

2. Gol Taco


Why not spice up things with Mexican cuisine in a Mexican style? Working whole day and then providing exciting food to famish bellies, that too after a tiring day is boring and to be honest no fun. Let’s try Taco’s which are the new top of the talk in town. Nobody will criticize about this variety of Roti with different stuffing and that too in a Mexican Style, so order some from here.

3. Gol Pizza

Koffie Chalet

Pizza is everyone’s top of the mind meal. Impress by tossing that pizza with perfect toppings and crust as per personal liking. Pizza is gol also and more tasty than plain Roti isn’t it? Embrace Italian fun and order Mouth watering, oven hot pizzas from here.

4. Gol Cake


Women need to rejoice their special days and need a break too from mundane routine. Hence, say no cooking Gol or even unsymmetrical rotis, and just treat the buds with some mesmerizing chocolate cakes, cupcakes, pastries and what not to drool and make others drool. Order all these delights from here.

Women are to excel, to prosper and to make an equal impact in our society. Women are just not born to make Gol Rotis but to achieve a lot more, so save your time in making it gol and start ordering to devour the yummy food meanwhile you do what makes you happy! 🙂

What do you say? 😉

Nimrah Khan
Nimrah Khan |
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Article Written By Anum Fatima

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