10 sweet treats to share with your loved ones on Eid Day

10 sweet treats to share with your loved ones on Eid Day

Couldn’t yet find the best Eid gift for your loved ones? How about sending them some sweet treats to liven up the festivity of the day? Here we have a list of the most delicious, divine and fresh-from-the-oven sweet treats, from the top cake experts in your city:

1. Delizia – Karachi


In Italian, Delizia rightfully means ‘delight’ which Karachites will truly agree with, once they give this indulgence a try. Never have I ever, tasted a cupcake making me indulge in delight right after and wanting it more so badly. The lusciously rich frosting is Delizia Bakery’s forte. So give your loved ones some extra love with super discounted cakes this Eid. I am sure you would want to stock up, for their up to 35% Off Deals are too good to be true!

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2. La Farine – Karachi


Deliciousness is the expertise of La Farine bakers. Each layer is better than the other in their cakes and the ganache used is well textured just as it should be. These cakes are surely the perfect way to sweeten up ties with loved ones this Eid season. So hurry up!

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3. Pie in the Sky – Karachi

Pie in the sky

When ‘Blessed through the skies’ is the tagline, proving it becomes a tough job but not for this bakery. Their cakes are perfect from taste to texture to the aroma and never fail to impress. Why not impress family and friends with their 40% Off on cakes and make this Eid memorable?

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4. Flour Secrets – Karachi

Flour Secrets

The secret is out and we all know why the cakes from this bakery taste so divine! Because they never compromise on quality. The quality of ingredients can be told just by the taste of it.

All set to indulge everyone with this divine beauty? Flour Secrets is offering a Flat 20% Off on all cakes.
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5. Masoom’s – Lahore


Not only the cakes look delectable but the looks actually do justice with the taste of it. After all the patience in this holy month, why not give your tummies a treat with the wonders of desserts from this bakery? The ingredients in the cakes are balanced just like the chords in the symphony, making an experience worthwhile. Pre-order and avail  Flat 40% Off on cakes.

Pre-order now from Masoom’s.

6. Sweet Affairs – Lahore

Sweet Affairs

From texture to moistness to correct amount of sweetness, it’s an affair hard to avoid. Finger dipping in chocolate good and then licking them good is what you do with the cakes from this bakery. Make the most of your Eid and enjoy 20% Off on a selection of their best treats.

Order from Sweet Affairs now.

 7. Dessert Desire – Lahore

Dessert Desire

Die hard red velvet fan? Try Dessert desire to get lost in the world of utter gooey-ness. No Eid is complete without a meetha and a meetha this perfect makes an Eid double memorable and enjoyable. Pre-order your favourite flavours and enjoy a 20% Off on their best-pickedicked treats.

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8. Gloria Jeans – Islamabad

Gloria Jeans

Chewy and Gooey go in hand in hand at Gloria Jean’s. Never disappointed when it comes to desserts. I have always loved the consistency of the frosting and thin, even layers of their cake. Why not treat the loved ones with Gloria Jean’s super cakes with a Flat 20% off?

Order now from Gloria Jean’s.

9. The Loft Café & Bakery – Islamabad

The Loft Bakery

Quite honestly, this place is like a paradise for dessert lovers. Can’t control the drool with the sight of desserts they have to offer. The cakes are rich, creamy, moist, fresh, and in one word, just amazing. All in all, a discount of Flat 40% Off on their cakes this Eid is not to be missed out.

Pre-order now from The Loft Bakery.

10. Toast’d Cafe and Bakery – Islamabad


‘Sinfully addictive’ is the right word for Toast’d, yes. The taste of heavenly ingredients at the back of the mouth is simply marvelous. Dare to not get lost in the flavoursome cakes? Have a unanimous challenge with family and friends and enjoy a Flat 20% Off on all cakes.

Can’t wait to get indulged? Pre-order now Toast’s Cafe and Bakery.

Which one of the following would you choose to add more sweetness on this Eid?

P.S. The pre-orders are open until 2 days before Eid only. Hurry up! 😉

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