The Best Christmas Desserts in Pakistan

The Best Christmas Desserts in Pakistan

December has always been the month for desserts. As we approach the end of 2017, we can enjoy a few well-deserved treats. The festive season is prime time for types of sweets, cakes, biscuits & pies to satisfy our sugary cravings. So have a look at a few desserts we have lined up for you, we promise they are just a few clicks away!

Karachi’s Famous Desserts

Karachi is the perfect place to fulfil all your dessert urges. Starting off with Delizia, this store has long been the standard for desserts in the city. Find a wide selection of cakes, from classic lemon cheesecakes to the more unique Raffaello Cakes, a Delizia special.

Pie In The Sky specialises in unique desserts such as the Blueberry Cheesecake, the Pineapple Cake or the Kentucky Butter Cake. Various choices for the more adventurous sweet tooths out there.


Our Top Lahore Cakes

Lahore is well known for its love affair with cakes & baked food. This culinary trend is embodied perfectly in one of our local favourite restaurants: Butlers Chocolate Cafe. Not an exclusively dessert restaurant, but it boasts some of the most popular desserts in the city such as Butlers Waffles. Other more classic options could be the Carrot Cake or their own special form of Lemon Cake.

Food delivery anywhere in Pakistan

You can find all these desserts and more on our website and have them delivered straight to your door! Not in Lahore or Karachi? Worry not, here at foodpanda we deliver to most cities in Pakistan. Whether it’s a night in with the family or a lunch plan at the office, Christmas is the time to be spent with loved ones, so sit back and relax! We have got you covered.

Article Written By rishimalhotra

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