Best pizza restaurants in Karachi – November 2019

Best pizza restaurants in Karachi – November 2019

What’s the best pizza in Karachi? It’s hard to answer this question unbiased. So, we asked our customers who shared their opinions on foodpanda website and App: we collected their ratings and we made this list of the best pizza restaurants in Karachi.

The list has been created based on the ratings foodpanda verified customers left when they ordered food from the pizza restaurants in the Karachi area. We have ordered the top vendors by the Panda Score (here is an extensive explanation how the Panda Score is calculated), which takes into account the average rating and the amount of reviews each restaurant receives.

For the present list we considered the mid November 2019 standings of the restaurants serving pizza in the city of Karachi having a Panda Score of 100 or above.

Here is the list of the top 17 pizza places in Karachi (November 2019).

Pizza Mars

Pizza Mars is a pizza chain operating in various neighbourhoods of Karachi. They also have 5 Pizza Deals foodpanda customers can take advantage of: 21-inch pizza + drink 1,999 PKR; 16-inch pizza + drink 1,399 PKR; 2 large pizzas 1,650 PKR; 1 regular pizza 899 PKR; 1 large pizza 1249 PKR.

People love their classic and premium pizzas, but Pizza Mars offers pasta, sandwiches and appetizers, too. Panda Score: 105.6

The Pizza King

Their super pizza deals are hard for many to resist! The Pizza King honours their name with a huge variety of dishes: BBQ Tikka Pizza, Fajita Pizza, Chicken Lachha, Hot and Spice, Veggie Lover, Cheese Lover and many many more. They also have 9 exclusive discounted deals to choose from, including also burgers, chicken hot wings and fries.

A recent customer wrote: “Everything was Soo sooo gooodd I really enjoyed every bite of it because everything was so tasty… I really love it”. Panda Score: 107.3

14th Street Pizza Co.

If you like to create your own customized pizza, 14th Street Pizza Co. is your choice: you can combine the various types and make a pizza with all the tastes and ingredients you prefer! In their restaurants in Karachi they have various discounted deals and a good selection of cakes and desserts to choose from.

Panda Score: 111.8

La Pizzaro – Badar

Pasta, appetizers, sandwiches and of course lots of pizzas! La Pizzaro – Badar has 1 place in Karachi at the address Plot # 13-E, Street # 7, Badar Comercial, Phase 5, DHA., 38000 Karachi. They also have their own delivery service, so make sure to be within the delivery area before placing an order (the foodpanda system will inform you once you enter your address).

You don’t know what to order? Try one of the Lapizzaro Specials or Tikka Chicken Pizza with onions and cheese! Panda Score: 196.1

Pizza 363

Another pizza chain foodpanda customers of Karachi love! Pizza 363 is all about pizza and offers a great variety of pizza types: from the classic Chicken Caesar Supreme, Cheese Pizza, Jalapeno Fajita and Tikka Pizza to the Premium Pizzas like Pepperoni, Angrycious Hot and Spicy, Wild Beast Meat Lover and Twista Creamy Tikka. And how can we forget the Premium Plus? Rancheeza Pizza, Sizzling Sriracha Pizza and Smokey BBQ. Panda Score: 236.

Pizza Bake

If you are in the area of North Nazimabad, Pizza Bake is surely worth a visit (or an order!). They currently have 4 special pizza deals for foodpanda users, including a different size pizza, drinks and dips. All pizzas start from 392 PKR and you can choose from Chicken Tikka, Fajita Sicilian, Afghani Feast, Tandoori Feast, Hot and Spicy, Super Classic Pizza and special pizzas like the Ringo Kebab Bake or Super Peri Bake.

People appreciate the taste and freshness of ingredients. Panda Score : 472

Pizza Pie – Gulshan 13D

Another pizza place which, in spite of not belonging to a big chain, has made it to our Karachi Top Pizza list. Pizza Pie – Gulshan 13D offers an interesting variety of pizzas, from the classic Pizza Pepperoni to the creative ones like Chicken Shawarma, Malai Boti, Sicilian Hot, Afghani Chaska and Pizza Pie Special. They also have several pizza deals: 3 deals of the Month, 3 pizza-lunch deals, 4 foodpanda exclusive deals on top of the 6 regular deals for all the guests.

Panda Score: 514.8

Pizza Club

What’s more appealing than a Pizza Club, a place where you can find all the pizzas you can think of? This Italian food chain is available in various locations in Karachi, too (for instance in North Nazimabad). If you are into pizza deals, you should probably have a look: they have 13 offers and discounts to match all tastes when it comes to pizza, lasagna and pasta. If you like meat you should check their beef pizzas: Beef Steak and Beef Sicilian Pizza!

Panda Score 680


If you order with your friends and family and everyone has a different idea of dinner, then Mcanz’s is the place to order from. Their combo offers give us the opportunity to save money on popular dishes and finger food. They have various fast food options, French fries, burgers, chicken wings, fried chicken, BBQ fries, as well as Chinese dishes

Panda Score 998.4

Pizza Studio

Pizza Studio is the pizza restaurant with the (currently) highest position among the independent vendors (i.e. not belonging to a chain). The pizza types go from Chicken Tikka and Fajita to Chicken Premium (with BBQ chicken, Green Chutney or mushrooms) but people appreciate the Spicy and Rustic range, too. You can find a good selection of subs, too.

Panda Score 1048

Hot Spot Café

Pizza, burgers and deals…what else? Hot Spot Café has 21 different deals at the moment for all the pizza lovers in Karachi to enjoy. And on top of this several pizzas to choose from as well as Pakistani food, soups, salads, fast food dishes and BBQ.
Panda Score 1076.4

Pizza & pasta Co.

Italian cuisine anyone? Pizza & Pasta Co. Is the Italian food place in Karachi in its various branches in the area. They serve the classic pizzas like Spicy Chicken, Cheese Delight, Pepperoni and BBQ Chicken, but they also have special “signature” pizzas (Four Cheese Pizzas, All About Meat and, if you are brave enough, Alfredo Surprise!). If traditional pizzas are not enough you can go for the Xtreme Tryouts: Shawarma Pizza, Chichk Supreme, Ranch Pizza and Mexican Delight.

Panda Score 1742.4

Pizza Hut

The third place in our list of the best pizza restaurants in Karachi goes to a worldwide beloved chain, Pizza Hut. No need to mention their pizza deals are their most popular dishes, along with fast food options, sandwiches, desserts and drinks. Their menus offer a good combination of tasteful pizzas and cheap prices.

Panda score 3916

The New York Pizza

And the Silver medal goes to The New York Pizza chain! They offer a huge variety of top-quality pizzas the American style, as well as Calzones (like the Calzone Supreme with Italian sauce) and deep pan pizzas. If you are a pizza fan, you should definitely consider paying a visit to one of these restaurants or placing an order on foodpanda. More than 1200 reviewers can’t be wrong!

Panda Score 5084

Pizza Point

The best pizza restaurant in Karachi: Pizza Point! Foodpanda customers in Karachi love the pizzas and fries from this restaurant and gave it the Gold Medal. They have several types of pizzas to choose from and they combine them with popular fast food dishes like French fries. They currently have 13 different deals and menus to choose from. But you need to be fast, because some of the offers and promotions are limited time only. Congratulations to the Winner!

Panda Score 6540

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