Panda Score for Restaurants: how it is calculated

The Panda Score is the metric we use at foodpanda Pakistan to rank our best restaurants. We have no preference: all our partner restaurants are the same and, if they are available for you to order from on our platform, they are the best restaurants for us.

To have a more data-driven approach, we decided to use the ratings foodpanda customers give, if they want, once they complete a purchase in our food ordering service. The rating system is quite common and most of our users must be already familiar with it: based on 5 stars, 1 out of 5 is the worst and 5 out of 5 is the best.

Calculating the Panda Score for the best restaurants (according to foodpanda customers)

How is the Panda Score calculated?

The Panda Score is calculated as follows: we multiply the current average rating (the rating you can see in each restaurant’s menu page) by the amount of times foodpanda customers have given a review.

So, in a nutshell: average rating value times amount of ratings.

Why is the Panda Score a reliable metric?

We believe the Panda Score is a reliable way to evaluate the level of satisfaction of restaurant guests.
Unlike other rating systems available on the internet, the Panda Score takes
into account only the ratings of verified customers, who express their opinion on a restaurant only after they have completed an order from that restaurant.

Does the Panda Score change over time?

Due to its nature, the Panda Score is always changing. Therefore, in our lists of restaurants, we specify the moment (for example, the month and year) when the Panda Score is calculated. We plan to have regular releases of our most popular restaurant lists, in order to give our readers the latest update on the rankings.

What does it mean when a restaurant has no Panda Score?

Typically, new restaurants have no Panda Score. As soon as they receive their first customer reviews, their average score will be displayed and we will calculate their Panda Score, too.

Photo Credit: Photo by Acharaporn
from Pexels