Office Food Delivery in Pakistan

Office Food Delivery in Pakistan

Is it too hot to go out for lunch? Is your favourite restaurant a bit too far from the office? Tired of going to the same places for lunch every week? foodpanda is here to help with our Corporate Food Delivery service. We deliver food to your office from your favourite restaurants with a simple and easy process designed to save you time!

What is corporate food delivery and how does it work?

It’s essentially the same as normal food delivery, but on a company-wide scale. This option allows employees to create group orders for there office lunch! Easily customise your orders per person and split the delivery fee, an added bonus of ordering in groups.

Don’t feel like sharing? No problem, the corporate service also allows you to order on your own. This is what you need to do to sign up:

  1. Go to our Corporate Contact Page and sign up!
  2. Our corporate team will get in touch with you shortly to organise the system.
  3. Enjoy your favourite meals delivered to your office.

What are the advantages for you as an employer?

As a company using our corporate delivery service, you can enjoy the following pros of joining us:

  1. Easily divide employees by department, company locations and allocate expense codes.
  2. Supervise access and budgets of your team, by overseeing aspects such as allowances, order frequency and more.
  3. Get detailed reports straight to your dashboard.

Your team can also enjoy exclusive corporate lunch exclusive benefits such as centralised billing, group orders and pre-orders!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Let us make food ordering easy for you 🙂

Article Written By rishimalhotra

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