Pizza Delivery in Pakistan

Pizza Delivery in Pakistan

From Karachi to Islamabad, Pakistan is the home too many great pizza restaurants. Between classics like Pizza Hut to the more local joints around the country, pizza has become a favourite to many diners of Western cuisine.

Preferences to change from city to city and we have made a list of the top pizza delivery restaurants in Pakistan. Comment below if your favourite pizza place isn’t here!

The Hut is King in Karachi

Famous across the country, it’s not surprising the Pizza Hut is the city’s favourite for online pizza delivery. The American fast food restaurant has been growing strong in Pakistan for decades now and shows no sign of slowing. Another favourite is Pizza Point, with various locations around Karachi it has become a go-to place for delicious pizzas! Worthy of shout-outs are This or That and Cafe Bogie for proving you don’t have to be a giant chain to make great pizzas.

Lahore, the home of Broadway

Broadway Pizza, with their love of art and music they have also managed to craft some excellent pizzas. Though also available in Karachi, this restaurant has really made Lahore their home and have legions of fans to prove it. The city has no shortage of options, Jalal Sons have been proudly serving the people of Lahore for years now and deserve a place amongst the top pizza restaurants in Lahore. We mustn’t forget other important places in the city for quality pizza, including California Pizza & Domino’s Pizza.

The New York pizza of Islamabad

Head and shoulders above the rests stands the famous New Yorker Pizza, with its American-styled pizzas it has rapidly become the top of the pizza game in Islamabad. However competition is stiff out there, The Cheese Factor is just one of the amazing pizza restaurants in Islamabad! To name a few more there’s 14th Street Pizza Co and the evergreen Round House Pizza.

One thing is clear, there are many places around the country to get great pizza! Enjoy yours this weekend.

Article Written By rishimalhotra

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