14 Pakistani Foods That Are Uncommon Yet Delicious

14 Pakistani Foods That Are Uncommon Yet Delicious

Azaadi Mubarak!

We’re going to divert from our usual content line today to bring an interesting piece for your read. Not only did we enjoy writing this down but also added a number of fancy foodie words to our vocab!

Now if you must, sit back and relax and enjoy this holiday with family and friends. Read along this piece which we’ve dedicated to Pakistani foods from four provinces, that aren’t common yet very popular in their respective localities.

We are going to start from Sindh and take you through Punjab, Baluchistan and finally Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Some of the mentioned dishes aren’t easily available on restaurants but we hope in near future they become available to order online through foodpanda!


Sai Bhaaji

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A very creative name to a creative dish of lentils, spinach, aubergine and various other vegetables Sai Bhaaji is simply translated as Sai meaning Green and Bhaaji meaning Vegetable. It is popularly eaten with Chawaraan meaning rice.

Mitho Lolo

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Mitho Lolo is simply a flatbread that is sweet however it is nothing like the usual flatbread we eat. It is thick and glossy and seems to have been kneaded with lots of grease which seeps inside. Nonetheless, delicious.

Kheer Kharkun

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You guessed it right, it’s a Kheer but with a little twist in it. It is not prepared with rice but rather dates and milk.


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A beverage prepared with almonds and poppy seeds as star ingredients but with a mix of other seeds and spices to make it a complete cooling drink. It is consumed in large quantities during summer season.



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This is a traditional Punjabi sweet and has a very unusual finished form. Prepared with wheat flour, this sweet isn’t solid. It is a brittle powder with large granules and lots of dry fruits such as pistachio, almonds, and coconuts etc.

Punj Ratani Daal

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Imagine all your favorite Daal combined and cooked together. That’s what a Punj Ratani Daal is. Often eaten with plain white rice or Roti.

Punjabi Karhi

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Not like the usual Karhi you’ve been eating since childhood, this one has chicken/beef in it along with Pakoras. Again, it is eaten with plain white rice.


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Some of you may have had a chance to drink this cold beverage in their childhood. Because it is known to bring cool and calmness to the body during summers. It is prepared with powdered gram flour and a mix of special spices. It tastes sweet, spicy and sour at the same time.



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Quite similar to looking like donuts, Kaak is a ring of bread that is encrusted with sesame seeds. Sometimes it may or may not look like a ring but a fist-sized lump that goes well with your cup of tea.

Gwadari Halwa

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A very famous sweet dish of Balochistan. We are not sure how it is made but the look of it is definitely appetizing.


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Nothing fancy about this one because it is simply a Paratha. A little thinner though and fried in Ghee to make it crispy.

Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa

Kabuli Pulao

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An exquisite dish of rice cooked in a special stock sauce and roasted meat which is mostly lamb. Sometimes carries dry fruits and fried vegetables too.

Chopan Kabab

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Chopan kababs are literally lamb kebabs. Lamb is very popular in Pashtun cuisine hence it is no surprise. The recipe though is slightly different from the usual kebab on skewers recipe.

Shinwari Tikka

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We’re quite not sure ourselves why it is called Shinwari tikka but the BBQ flavors are completely different from what we’re accustomed too and that’s what makes it special. Again, lamb is used as the star ingredient of this meat on skewers dish, cooked on charcoal.

We are bringing something from Lahore in our next piece. Stay tuned!

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    1. Naveed

      I believe as the title implies she has talked about UNCOMMON but tasty dishes. I can comment on sindhi dishes she has mentioned and she is absolutely right. Tasty and enjoyable, koocked locally in homes and you will hardly find two identical recipies. Hardly available in any restaurant. That’s why uncommon, unlike the dishes you have mentioned.

    2. Naveed khan

      These food are those which are delicious but not famous among the nation. The food you mentioned are very delicious, mouth watering and very famous and common not only in the nation but also other part of the world.

    3. Shariq

      @Javaid: All those famous dishes you named are already very popular and we all know them, even outside Pakistan people who eat Pakistani food know these dishes, but I as a Pakistani did not know some of the dishes mentioned above.

      We should not always be so critical about each and everything, try also to appreciate the work behind this article and introducing in such a nice way some of our unknown food to us.

      Last but not least, Karachi had no cusine of its own, it was people who travelled from many parts of India and now also from all over Pakistan and gave this city like many other things a culinary sense.

    4. Shariq

      I guess most of the guys have completely missed the heading, saying, ” 14 Pakistani foods that are uncommon yet delicious”. And like a common Pakistani who has to always find something to discard, object and feel that they know better than the rest, so it happened to this beautifully presented article about many a undiscovered food of ours and not at all appreciated the effort the writer might have gone through from compiling and deciding what food to mention and which one to leave out. Pakistanis!! Learn to appreciate a good effort too please.

      I’d say thank you to the writer Sara who introduced some really good looking and tasty food of ours to many of us who’d never heard of it before. I shall be searching on net for some of the recipes of mentioned dishes in this article.

  1. Mian Faisal Watto

    Great piece of work. We need to tell the world what we have and we do not conceit. Very just saying we have Love and care along with distinguished Food across the globe. My mouth is watering :p

  2. Sarfraz Khan

    Very interesting selection of local foods.If you could also give the ingredients in detail it would be more useful.
    Regarding Punjabi drink Sattu, that is made of flour from roasted barley, wheat or a combination of both .I believe gram is not used and sweetened with shakar (coarse brown sugar ).

  3. Ali Makhdoom

    Excellent choice of dishes with exoticism. I am sure there will be a very few even in Pakistan who will claim to have tasted all of these. Although my favourite is Biryani and Karahi Gosht, the choices here seem more popular regionally. Good article.

  4. Aadil

    relax guys the as author mentioned earlier it is the not so famous foods world wide but very famous in our four main provinces that the author discusses. while the likes of biryanis and niharis and kebabs are very famous worldwide atleast in Pakistani diaspora…

  5. Amanullah Khan

    There are more varieties of food in Pakistan. The whole of Gilgit-Baltistan area of Gilchistan province is famous for simple food. Hunza is famous for Soups. At least a couple of Gilchistani dishes can be added on the list.

  6. Dr. Arshaq Arslan Ramzee

    Please see the heading some unusual but still delicious foods in Pakistan. Food mentioned in comments are common and famous foods. Balti ghost is real name of Karahi ghost.

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