Top of the Town – Best Chicken Karahi in Karachi

Top of the Town – Best Chicken Karahi in Karachi

No matter which restaurant you go to, there’s is always one dish that everyone in the family wants to order and that dish is no other than Chicken Karahi. Be it a high-end restaurant or a dhaaba in the corner, you will be sure to find some variety of this offering and we are not complaining! Here are three places that we think you must try chicken karahi from, if you haven’t yet!

Khyber BBQ

Khyber BBQ | foodpanda Magazine

Khyber BBQ is one of our most favourite places to have chicken karahi from. For one, the restaurant is known for it and their variations of the dish are out of this world. They have chicken peshawari karahi which is a slightly more spicier version of the usual offering, then there’s the white chicken karahi which is cooked in butter and cream and tastes divine and then there’s the brown chicken karahi which is something closer to what everyone else serves. Our pick? The peshawari chicken karahi, of course!

Special Observations: Even though, it doesn’t really have the “fine-dining” feel, the delicious food makes it all worth it.

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Daily Dubai

Daily Dubai | foodpanda Magazine

Daily Dubai is one place where you find an extensive variety of food, so if your cousin wants to order pasta, they have that or if your mom is craving Chinese food, they have that too. However, as we said chicken karahi is one dish where everyone agrees upon and they have quite a few variation of those.

You choose between their classic chicken karahi or their white afghani karahi which is also made in chicken but the latter is more creamy. Cooked in green chillies and black pepper, the karahi at Daily Dubai is a great choice for a filling meal!

Special Observations: Be sure to ask for the cup of doodhpatti in the end. It’s something!

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Hot N Pepper

Hot N Pepper | foodpanda Magazine

Hot N Pepper has gradually upped its game with the quality of food it offers and is now known for its great BBQ, handi biryani and of course, chicken karahi. While operating mostly as a take-away, it also serves you food that you order in your car so it makes for a great drive by meal. And if you’re a foodie like us, you won’t care much for that when the food arrives.

Out of their chicken karahi variety, we recommend the Chicken Achaar Karahi. It’s is cooked in achaar masala and has that added zing to it that you won’t find in most chicken karahis elsewhere.

Special Observations: Order it with their crispy parathas and you can thank us later.

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What is your favourite place to have Chicken Karahi from? Tell us!

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