Guide to Karachi – DHA and Clifton

Guide to Karachi – DHA and Clifton

DHA & Clifton to Karachi are similar to what a heart is to a body! Pumping liveliness all across, these areas are considered to be packed with entertainment, places to visit, restaurants to dine in at and explore the different local activities and shopping that attract masses of the urban city. Here’s what a day at DHA/CLifton may have in store for you:

11 am – Breakfast at Neco’s Natural Store and Cafe

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When you’re expecting a day loaded with places to visits and the opportunity to explore what you haven’t previously, you mind satiates over a comfort breakfast that is not just filling but organic with the bliss of nature!

Neco’s Natural Store & Cafe is meant to be your first stop for breakfast. Hesitate no further to order Neco’s Special French toast, a delight of crispy fried toasts, composed of gooey bananas with a drizzle of honey and dust of icing sugar. Isn’t that already a treat to hear?

12pm  – Local Shopping Spree at Gulf

Your visit to to DHA & Clifton is incomplete if you haven’t been out to shop in enclosed sub-urban shopping mars for the most exquisite hand embroidered fabrics, imitation and silver jewellery and hand crafted shoes and dresses.

Gulf Shopping arcade is that one place where you’ll find salesmen making the most bizarre sales pitches to showcase the variety of unstitched fabrics they have for sale. Pick yourself a nice fabric of the local art and glitterati and you’ll surely steal the limelight wherever you head!

2 pm – Lunch at The Patio

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The scorching sun of Karachi may keep you feeling light but awakens the sense of hunger in no time, especially after shopping at a compact place. Drive down to The Patio to treat the meat beast within you.

The highlight of their lunch menu is their Rib Eye Steak, the best of a beef cut topped with caramelized mushrooms, with sundried tomatoes and asparagus to go on the side. Tame down the sunshine with the most flavorsome and delish steak so that your day proceeds on a happy note!

3 pm – A Recreational Spree at The Second Floor

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T2F is a creative place for intellectual discourse, inviting everyone who is willing to administer the brighter side of life! It is a platform that promotes arts & culture, science and technology, along with activism and advocacy. A visit to T2F is most likely to engage you into meeting intellectual people, attending a variety of event of varying natures and still being that cosy spot to find coffee, books and conversations.

It is one of the most happening places in Karachi, where celebs, influential people and educations gather, along with talented individuals to flaunt their skills. You might just find yourself in a musical gig, a round of stand up comedy or even an exhibition if that’s whats scheduled for the day!

6 pm – An evening snack at Flamingo

Bidding farewell to the aura of T2F must have been a difficult task, so when lunch has gone down the bowels and you intend to keep your mood off from unfavorable swings, you need a special chaat from Flamingo! As the name suggests, you are about to fly high on to the burst of flavors.

This is the wackiest evening snack you can nibble on and is an epitome of local spices. Boiled chickpeas, floating in a tangy sauce of sweet tamarind and yogurt, topped with local deep fried crisps (papad), potatoes and onions, this snack is sure to set your taste buds ablaze!

7 pm – The Urban Side of Shopping at Dolmen City Mall

You haven’t really explored DHA & Clifton if you haven’t been to the biggest urban mall of the city, Dolmen City. Designed to British standards, this mall possesses the top of the line brands and designers within its premises, with a footfall of nearly thousands every single day.

Wander around in a lavish environment like this and you will forget where time and money slips out of hands. After all, shopping is an endless expedition.

10pm – Dinner at Cafe Zouk

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No day ends until you’ve lived a dream meal for dinner. A contemporary place like Cafe Zouk is an ultimate pick for an indulgent dinner. Order yourself a serving of Fish Alaska, it’s the most eye catching and heart winning seafood entree Cafe Zouk excels at. With your fish pan-seared to perfection and a testament of a flavor parade, you’re most likely to visit this place again!

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