Panda Peeks – Bamboo Union

Panda Peeks – Bamboo Union

There are not a lot of Pan Asian diners in Lahore that vow to offer the cuisine that is enjoyed on international grounds. Bamboo Union, however, has knocked all Pan Asian diners in Lahore by proving their excellence in the cuisine offered. Located on the busy roads of Gulberg (opposite Mall One), the cozy outdoor and indoor Thai setting of the restaurant acts as the cherry on top of the cake.

First Impression

Bamboo Union

With an outdoor setting and a two-floor indoor setting, Bamboo Union offers a casual setting in Thai-style. While the place may seem as a small locality, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy their meals without much noise. Moreover, the simple Thai-style lightening and a wooden sitting arrangement have a touch of uniqueness, adding more to the overall image of the restaurant.

Our Order

Bamboo Union

Before choosing to dine-in at Bamboo Union, I had my concerns. Not every local eatery in Lahore that offers a cuisine different from the usual Lahori desi food has pleased or settled up to the expectations. The dishes ordered by Bamboo Union, however, prove otherwise.

We ordered three different dishes from different sections of their limited, yet extravagant menu; from beef, we ordered Pad Kee Moo, from chicken, we ordered Hot and Sour Chicken and from Noodles & Rice, we ordered Pad Thai with Prawns.

The Service

The reason why I personally enjoy small eateries is because the service is extremely prompt. As promised to us, our food was served within 20 minutes. While we were the only ones sitting on the top floor of the restaurant, a waiter was always available to entertain our needs.

The Food

Just as the cuisine of the restaurant highlights, tones of Asian herbs and ingredients were used in the dishes we ordered.

Bamboo Union

As soon as the food was plated in front of us, we started off with Pad Kee Moo. With the name itself astonishing us, the food amazed us to an extent unexplainable. Served on the bed of nicely cooked noodles, the beef was richly cooked in spices and lemon grass. Red spices alongside a touch of peanuts added a palatable flavour to the dish.

Bamboo Union

Moving on to the second dish we blessed our taste buds with my personal favourite, Pad Thai with Prawns. Winter is the season you get to enjoy seafood to the fullest, so did I. With the very first bite, a harmonious blend of the flavours continued increasing my hunger for more. The rich combination of tofu, peanuts, spices and eggs mixed with juicy prawns sitting on a bed of noodles was extremely divine. Topped with bean sprouts and basil leaves every bite left an exciting flavour in my mouth.

Bamboo Union

Coming to the final dish we ordered, Hot and Sour Chicken was served with sticky rice. Personally, I am very particular when it comes to rice; they should be done to perfection. However, the sticky rice served here were not only perfectly cooked, but also complemented the main dish. Not-too-thick and not-too-liquid gravy had chicken, bell peppers, curry leaves and spices floating in it.

The Presentation

Bamboo Union

The colourful ingredients used in every dish I ordered were perfectly displayed when served. The restaurant itself shows simplicity, yet appeal and that could be seen through the presentation of the food as well.

Value for Money

Looking at the menu, the food falls under the pricing of what other eateries in Lahore normally charge. For instance, Pad Thai with Prawns costs RS. 850. However, the quantity served on the plate was enough for two people to dig on.

Overall Verdict

While the availability of Pan Asian serving restaurants in Lahore is rare, the increase of pressure on a specific-cuisine-serving eatery is pretty visible. With Bamboo Union falling under this category, they sure leave a great impression on a foodie. The size of the restaurant may not be appealing to many, especially the ground-floor sitting arrangement, but the overall appeal of the restaurant alongside the served food is fascinating.

Bamboo Union

Address: 95B-D/1, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore.
Opening hours: Mon – Friday, 12.00pm –  11.30pm and Saturday – Sunday, 12.00pm – 12.00am
Order online here.

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Article Written By Anum Fatima

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