Panda Peeks – Burger O’clock

Panda Peeks – Burger O’clock

When a Karachite’s burger love combined with innovation in food, Burger O’clock was born! Having heard a lot about their inventive burgers and surprising appetizers, we decided to peek into their black and yellow shed on Khayaban-e-Nishat, DHA and dig our tooth into some goodness.

First Impression

La Chine 7

Burger O’clock – confirming to the very fun essence of its name, their outlet also popped out from its surroundings. It had two separate entrances: one for dine-in and the second one for takeaway with a more casual seating. We chose the latter. With a black and yellow architecture, cafe style tables and huge portraits of tempting burgers, it did not take us more than a minute to mingle with the place.


It was self-service. A friendly guy at their counter greeted us and asked to pick from an assortment of interesting items on their menu. After placing the order, we were given an electronic token with the appetizers which started to beep when our order was ready.


Their menu, of course, had lots of burgers! Premium burgers, stuffed burgers, extreme burgers, classic burgers, protein style burgers (which ignited the fitness freak inside my friend but he was eventually shut down with so many delicious choices!). Watching us clueless, their guy started suggesting us their hot sellers. So, our order was as follows: Chilli Cheese Fries and Cheese Jalapeno Poppers in starters, Pizza Burger and Crunchos Burger with Curly Fries and Drink, and the most anticipated: Nutella Burger in dessert.


Burger O'clock

Within 10 minutes, we were called to pick up the starters. The box said “grab the goodness” and it truly was! Flavorful, crunchy, cheesy Good. Ness. The Cheese Jalapeno Poppers were served with ketchup and a mayo garlic dip. As soon as I dig my tooth into the crunchy popper crust, it was a blast of spicy jalapeno bits and chewy mozzarella cheese. Too good!

Burger O'clock

The Chilli Cheese Fries were loaded with melted cheddar cheese and red chilli sauce. They tasted just like original home-made fries but the sauce was a bit less spicy than suggested by the name.


The Curly Fries looked more than interesting. Coiled potato sticks, dipped in a light, slightly spicy batter, fried to the perfect golden colour. The were nicely flavoured, yummy inside and crispy outside. And, we loved them!

Burger O'clock

‘Pizza + Burger = Pizza Burger’

This inventive Pizza Burger was a twist between the bun. A grilled chicken fillet topped with tomato sauce, sliced capsicum, onion, olives and mushrooms, held together with a whole lot of cheese! I really liked it but my friend just loved it since he can’t get enough of pizza. So, every pizza lover can go for it without a second thought!

Burger O'clock

Next, the Crunchos Burger with a beef patty was a surprise! There was a base of lettuce, cabbage and jalapenos; a nicely flavoured, juicy minced beef patty; a thick fried wedge of cheese with a crispy outer covering, original nachos (the crunchos!), mustard sauce and some more cabbage and jalapenos – that’s the layout of BOC’s best seller. But too huge for me to eat all by myself.

Nutella Burger

Lastly, it was dessert time, so our Nutella Burger was all set to impress. But we were too full until then, so decided to cut it in half and share one (sigh… it was an absolutely wrong decision!). It was a half-sliced donut with a thick slab of frozen Nutella, a ring of pineapple, kiwi slices and cherries in the centre. Right after the first bite, I just fell in love with this fresh, sweet and chocolaty thing from heaven and decided to order or drop in again and again to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Something Special

Now, some worth mentioning items. Their burgers came with a burger holder (Thank God! As the burgers were too huge to hold together bare handed). Also, the burgers were served in black square card boxes that opened up into nice big saucers. (So, if you ever forget the wallet, your friends can’t say: “Ab bartan dhona byta!“). Lastly, their shakes, only available for dine-in, are very popular and we are coming back soon to try them out!

Value for Money

I would say that this place an absolute value-for-money! The appetizers starting from Rs. 100 and burgers as low as Rs. 290. While the Nutella Burger was Rs. 390, which at first seemed a bit pricey but the heavenly experience is totally worth it!

Final Verdict

10 out of 10, 5-star, Highly Recommended! We honestly loved the way they have played with food, inventing wonders for all the taste buds of all the foodies out there. My top favourite for the day were Cruncho’s Burger, Curly Fries and the Nutella Burger (of course!).

Have you been to Burger O’clock yet? Share your favourites from their menu in the comments below.

Burger O’clock

Address: Shop # 2,3 & 4, plot 36-C, Khayaban-e-Nishat, Opposite PSO Pump at main Khayaban-e-Ittehad, DHA Phase 6, Karachi, Pakistan.

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 12.00pm –  12.30am

Click here to order online.

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