Panda Peeks – Hoagies Karachi

Panda Peeks – Hoagies Karachi

When Hoagies opened up, there was a lot of speculation about it being one of those make-it-your-own sandwich joints. However, time proved that wrong and because of the awesomeness that Hoagies Karachi came up with, we are thankful for that!

First Impressions

When you walk into one of the branches of Hoagies in Clifton (they have another one opened at Dolmen Mall), you’re immediately greeted by the welcoming smiles of the servers standing behind the sandwich counter. Their entire menu is laid out on one of the boards overhead making it easy to see all the variety on offer, at a glance.

Our Order

Hoagies Restaurant | foodpanda Magazine

For our order at Hoagies, we tried the following: Honkie Style Fries for appetizers, Fried Chicken & Honey Mustard Halfsie for our first entree and a Pepperoni Flatbread for our second entree. They currently have no dessert on the menu but we are hoping they would change that. However, they do have smoothies.


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First things first, from the moment we placed the order, to the time it was served to us, you could notice that their service was prompt. Nothing spoils a great meal than bad service but Hoagies had that part taken care of.

We were given plenty of chilli garlic sauce sachets and tissue papers along with our food, so we won’t have to ask for them in between our meals. The servers also took all our specifications correctly when we said we wanted mushrooms added to our pepperoni pizza which was great.

The Food

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One of the best things about having a meal at Hoagies is that even the very staple things feel different. The fried chicken and honey mustard halfie sounds like any other fried chicken burger but it is not. It has that extra zing to it that keeps it from being boring. It is one of my favourite things to have at Hoagies, actually. In the appetizers, the honkie style fries were mouth-watering to look at and tasted even better.

The fries were in ample quantity and the cheese was loaded! Just as we like it. Coming to the main course, their flatbreads have gained quite a reputation for themselves and one interesting thing about them is that they are made on a whole wheat crust. So in case you’re looking for an healthier alternative to a pizza, you should definitely go for one of these. The best part? The hot, bubbling cheese of course! I’m drooling as I type this.

Something Special

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While we got the impression that Hoagies is one place where everything tastes great, their sandwich by the name of “Hogan” is really the talk of the town. It is no ordinary sandwich.

For one, not only does it taste amazing but it features mozzarella sticks and fries both of which come as part of the sandwich! Imagine biting into the goodness of mozzarella sticks, fries and your favorite sandwich all at once! Now, wouldn’t you want to try that?

The Presentation

Hoagies delivery | foodpanda Magazine

When it comes to the presentation of food, it is simple and neat. We love the overall branding of the brand and it adds to the experience of having a meal at Hoagies.

Overall Verdict

Hoagies is something we can turn into one of our regular food spots. With great value for money, taste and variety, it is surely going to give other sandwich joints a tough competition. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Hoagies Karachi

Address: Shop # 1, Street 3, Saba Ave, Defence, Phase V., Karachi, Pakistan
Opening hours: Mo – Su, 11.00pm – 01-30am
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