Panda Peeks – Pantry

Panda Peeks – Pantry

Looking for a place with a welcoming environment that serves awesome food and is friendly on the pocket too? We decided to look for one and discovered Pantry.

First Impression


Located in one of the elite areas of the city, Pantry doesn’t fail a bit to create a tempting aura around. The classy touch in its décor and ambience is welcoming enough for anyone who passes by. The moment you step inside, you hardly remember anything but the fact that how badly you’re going to fall in love with the place.

Our Order


As we continued to indulge in this place’s beauty, we were presented with the menu by our server. To our surprise, they had their regular menu along with a winter special menu (we rarely see this one). Most items we ordered were on our server’s recommendation which included Winter Salad for appetizer, Grilled Red Snapper and Gouda Cheese Burger for the main course, and Affogato and Orange Tart to satisfy our sweet tooth.



Going with the server’s recommendation, we ordered a Winter Salad as our starter pack. As soon as we were served, we couldn’t stop ourselves from digging into that colourful delight. An ample amount of serving and that too of the best flavours of the winter season. Fresh pomegranate seeds with oranges, lettuce leaves & rocket topped with ricotta cheese and almonds. God! Was I living a winter dream or what? An absolute delight to eye and an extra bit more to the tongue. The flavours blended perfectly which kept us craving for more.

Getting done with this heavenly feeling, it was time to order the main course. With so many options to choose from, one would find quite difficult to decide, so I went with my personal love for seafood and ordered Grilled Red Snapper & Gouda Cheese Burger.


A maximum of 15-17 minutes of wait, and we got to treat ourselves once again. All I could see was this huge burger with dripping cheese and all I murmured was beef beef beef beef beef. It tasted as good as it looked. The patty was juicy enough to compete with the melting Gouda cheese that topped. Not recommend for the faint-hearted!


Next in line was the Grilled Snapper . Well, being a seafood fan I could sense the taste of it just by looking at it. Two fillets of the ever-loved Red Snapper with Chili Relish Sauce was something to die for. The first bite took me to the depths of the Arabian Sea. If it was not for the sauce, I would have drowned. The sauce was something not everybody would expect with a Grilled Snapper; a completely different flavour from the usual sauces with a touch of chilli was making a deadly combo of fire and water.


Such an appetizing experience left us to crave for more and we waited for the show stopper of the night, which was completely up to the chef. After 10 minutes, I was able to say this for sure that Pantry’s chef will never disappoint you! We were presented with this beauty – Affogato. A tall shooter glass filled with Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, espresso shot, home-made biscotti topped with whipped cream. Any more wait would have been considered as a foolish move, so we just held our spoons and let this beauty drive us crazy. This perfect blend of flavours was a treat for caffeine lovers. Plus, you have the option of a double espresso shot as well.


Last but not the least, the Orange Tart that my partner decided to try was like a cherry on top. The crust was fresh and the filling was ample enough for two to share. The tart couldn’t have looked simpler than this with the minimum presentation. Overall, I would rate this one a 3 out of 5 as the flavour was way too strong.


Spending over an hour at this place, I don’t remember myself thinking of anything else other than the food I want to order and when I’ll be coming back. Every single moment spent here was worth twice we could have spent anywhere else.

Overall Verdict

Well, if you are looking for a fine-dining experience with some really good food, I’m pretty sure that you now know where to head.


Address: 14-C, Lane 10, Zamzama Commercial Area, DHA, Karachi.
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 12.00pm –  12.30am
Order online here.


Naushad Mitha |
Guest Contributor

Spending over two and a half decades in the city of lights, I’ve learnt almost everything.  Been there, done that situation applies everywhere now. And of course, I’m a food lover! Why else would I be writing this kind of stuff?

Article Written By Anum Fatima

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