Panda Peeks – Rowtisserie Karachi

Panda Peeks – Rowtisserie Karachi

Rowtisserie Karachi is a relatively new restaurant that has gained popularity for its brilliant online marketing and word-of-mouth. Located in Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, currently it doesn’t offer as big a space as other restaurants do but that adds to the cozy feel the restaurant has maintained as part of its interior decor.

First Impressions

Rowtisserie Restaurant | foodpanda Magazine

Walking into Rowtisserie, you see an almost Dr-Who like window which makes it seem like it’s a place with a lot of character. However, the lack of space is what you see almost immediately as well, making you think that it’s probably best to go after having made a reservation.

As you enter the restaurant, a counter where the food is being cooked runs towards your right while towards your left you will find a handful of tables and chairs.

Our Order

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When we arrived at Rowtisserie, we were already very hungry so we felt like ordering almost everything off the menu. However, we settled for new potatoes for the starter, chicken shawarma as our first main course, a rower meal 1 for our second main course and a dark chocolate tart for dessert.


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One of the good things about not having enough space at the restaurant is that everyone gets served promptly. The servers were very helpful, friendly and waited patiently while we deliberated on what we should order. When we asked them to change the soft drink in the meal to a water bottle, they didn’t resist and that gesture was appreciated.

The Food

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When it comes to eating at Rowtisserie, you don’t know what you appreciate more: the ambiance or the food. It does both of these things perfectly. Talking of food, sidelines or “High Side” as they call it are a delicious meal in their own selves.

While we ordered the new potatoes which were served as these small potatoes garnished with herbs, their Mash & Gravy is something to die for. Normally, we would want to order both (if no one is judging us on the amount of food we eat).

Rowtisserie Chocolate Tart | foodpanda Magazine

The Rower Meal 1 turned out to be a very filling affair. Grilled to perfection, the chicken was succulent and juicy. The skin was brushed with their Row sauce and tasted amazing. This deal comes with a high side and soft drink, so it’s a great choice if you want to have a complete meal.

The chicken shawarma was interesting to behold. Served with pita bread, the dish had the shawarma fillings served in small cups so you could essentially make your own shawarma. Their sauces taste unique and are a refreshing change from the usual thousand island or chilli garlic sauce options present elsewhere.

The Dark Chocolate Tart also turned out to be a heavenly choice. The dessert was served quick and was eaten ever quicker.

Something Special

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While the flame-grilled chicken at Rowtisserie is done perfectly, the high sides are something that you should definitely keep an eye out for. When ordering for a large group, try ordering a variety so you can try a bit of everything. Our suggestions: Mash N Gravy, New Potatoes, Green Beans and Skipper Corns. It’s the little things along with the main course that makes for a great meal.

The Presentation

Rowtisserie Presentation | foodpanda Magazine

The presentation of these food items were done satisfactorily. The Mash N Gravy was served in a boat dish and the presentation of the chicken shawarma was the most interesting one.

Value for Money

Rowtisserie also falls under the list of places that may “appear” a little expensive but the quality of food they serve more than makes up for it. The Rower Meal 1 which is great value for money is for Rs.695 and the new potatoes were for Rs.115. All in all, not that pricey and a great culinary experience.

Overall Verdict

While Rowtisserie may not be the ideal place to celebrate a large birthday party, it’s great to have some friends over for a fun afternoon lunch. Oh and the food – just perfect.

Tell us what you thought of the place when you went!

Rowtisserie Restaurant

Address: Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Karachi, Pakistan
Opening hours: Mo – Su, 12.00am –  00.30pm
Click here to order online

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