The Perfect Match – Pairing Biryani with Peshawari Ice Cream

The Perfect Match – Pairing Biryani with Peshawari Ice Cream

The Hustle Bustle of Women in the kitchen everyday, worrying over one uniform concern – what to cook today? With a decision so difficult to make, an ideal preference and an all time favorite is none other than ordering a delectable full serving of Biryani at home. But with the ease of preference comes the challenge of another misery. What to have as a dessert to finish off the happiness of Biryani on a wonderful note? That is one foodie dilemma we are going to resolve.


Pakistan is known to be a home of Biryani varieties and the biryani eaters are always more than willing to dig a spoon in any of the hundred variables of biryani. The only condition being, it has to be delicious, spicy and a hearty serving.

A perfectly cooked biryani is a summary of wholesome rice meal, accompanied by preferred meat selection. With a combination of traditional spices, a pinch of food coloring and the scent of freshly chopped greens like coriander and mint, nothing even comes close to the unparalleled goodness of a home cooked biryani, but well, there are plenty of Biryani bests across Karachi town like Biryani Centre, Madni Biryani etc. With a meal prepared with so much intention and heartiness, the end of this delicious meal calls for a superior end too.

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A sweet dessert has to treat a biryani lover eventually.How about a creamy scoop of chilled Peshawari Ice Cream from Rajjo Ice Cream? We say a double scoop would heal the wound.

Peshawari Ice Cream originates from none other than the Pakhtoon district of Peshawar. Treating tastebuds of all ages, Peshawari Ice Cream holds distinct features, compared to the ice creams available worldwide or perhaps the local ones in Pakistan too. It’s rich, it’s fluffy, it’s difficult to make, but loved enough to be gulped down in no time! Rajjo Ice Cream are renowned for their consistent Peshawari Ice cream scoops being consumed in nearly hundred of kilograms of weight,by masses on daily basis.

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When a healthy natural product like Milk is cooked, tied in a delicious matrimony of sugar, full fat cream and homogenized in the most blissful way possible. With chunks of ice bits adorning the airiness of each scoop, don’t you think it is the deadliest conspiracy any dessert may hold against you? Peshawari ice cream is specifically prepared in low temperatures till enough stiff frost peaks are formed within the ice cream texture to give it a dewy aftertaste of sweetness. It’s more denser than a frozen yogurt but definitely much lighter compared to premium gelatos available.

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Since peshawari Ice Cream is a local favorite, it can be easily found at ice cream spots like Baloch Ice Cream, Peshawari Ice Cream Saddar and Happy Falooda. No matter where it’s coming from, Peshawari Ice Cream has a charm of its own.

A dollop of chilled Ice Cream bliss, well equipped with the wonders of cream and dairyness, you can only surrender and indulge into a sensational ‘DESI’ dessert like this. After all, wouldn’t you want to cheer for the Biryani laid to rest in your stomach. Send down a friendly scoop of Peshawari Ice Cream and see your taste buds ride onto a trip of satisfaction.

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