Top of the Town – The hottest hot beverages this winter

Top of the Town – The hottest hot beverages this winter

After heaven opened its gates over Karachi and blessed it with some light, but oh-so-perfect rainfall, our need to stuff everything oozing warmness reached extreme levels. We went on a hunt to get the best hot beverages in town and voila! We now have a list of our 3 hot favourites:

Hot Chocolate: Butlers

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If there is one place in town that knows how to do justice with chocolate, it is Butlers. Created to cater to our winter cravings, this Hot Chocolate becomes the most celebrated hot beverage every year and is loved by children and adults alike. Its creamy texture and melt in the mouth chocolate goodness left us speechless (with full mouths). What are you looking at? Pick, choose, and enjoy!

Order here Butlers’ Signature Hot Chocolate for only Rs. 335.

Combo Alert: Start your winter mornings with this fabulous drink and Butlers’ signature Club Sandwich. Whattay combo!

 Cappuccino: New York Coffee

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While there are dozens of places all over Karachi that will serve you a hot cup of Cappuccino, only a few know how to get the composition right. We have tried almost every big place (in terms of the claims they make about their coffee) and decided to land on New York Coffee’s Cappuccino as our ultimate and safest choice. These guys have coffee in their name for a reason, and they are making sure they make all coffee-lovers proud. Their coffee is frothy, creamy and thick. The thickness remains the same till the very end and the flavour does not perish as the quantity goes down. This winters, NYC’s cappuccino with an extra espresso shot should be your only choice and you can take our word for it!

Order here this creamy goodness from Rs. 270 only.

Combo Alert: We tried their coffee with Mix Berries Delight Pancake and what an absolutely amazing experience it was! Highly recommended.

Cardamom Tea: McDonald’s

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This one’s a treat for all tea and coffee addicts out there. If you haven’t tried McDonald’s Cardamom Tea, you just cannot call yourself a tea-lover. Not only is this chai creamy, well blended and thick, it also has the perfect tinge of elaichi whose aroma will take your taste buds to another zone. Your taste buds will literally thank you for this delicious treat. This is not just a beverage but some highly addictive content!

Order here your favourite Cardamom Tea for just Rs.100.

Combo Alert: Try this cardamom tea with McDonald’s Perfect Fries and let us know if you fell in love with the combination!

Rejoice your winter mornings and chilly nights with these hot beverages and do share your top favourites in the comments.

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